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7.5.16, 6:44 PM
My sister invited a friend and her two adult children (who were in town visiting) over for a small 4th of July gathering. The friend (and I use that term loosely) then called and rescheduled the get together to suit her needs. For a night when my sister had to work until 7 PM and then also had to work the next day. The friend then called and said she had bumped into two other "friends" and invited them to this get together. Notice I did not say she called my sister first and asked if that would be alright. Inviting these two extra people meant that my sister felt obliged to invite a few others because she felt their feelings might be hurt that there was a "thing" at her house that they were not included in. The original guest list of 4 is now up to 10.
So the night of the get together, this "friend" and her kids show up and just wander into my sister's back yard and start setting up tables and spreading out blankets WITHOUT EVEN KNOCKING ON THE DOOR TO SAY HELLO. And...(this is the part that kills me) THEY BROUGHT 4 DOGS WITH THEM.
My apologies to all you pet lovers out there, but I think it is rude beyond belief to bring 4 dogs to the home of someone who has been gracious enough to invite you over without asking if that is okay first.
To top it all off, one of the adult children got on his cell phone while he was there and invited one of his friends to come join them.
This kind of self-centered behavior, that seems so prevalent these days, knocks me out.

7.5.16, 7:52 PM
Rude, rude and rude!!! I absolutely love my cousin's dog, Emily. When she sees me coming up the walk to their house, she goes nuts and can't wait til I get inside. But, Denise has NEVER brought Emily over to my house and I would be fine with it. But, she has never even asked if she could bring her over. It is just something you don't do without checking first.

We had a situation last night that my cousin and I were talking about this morning. We had our big 4th of July bash and four guests stayed inside while the rest of us were outside. They left early and when they came out of the house, they each had fixed a plate to take home with them. Mind you, they didn't ask if it was okay, they just did it. My cousins are the most generous people I know and always insist that we take some leftovers home, but these people simply helped themselves. One should never assume it is okay to do.

7.5.16, 7:59 PM
I don't understand why people would think it was okay to take a plate home without being offered.
Not asking, asking is rude.
If it is offered, fine, help yourself.
I swear Kris, I think most of society has become like Robert's family in "Brothers & Sisters".

7.5.16, 9:50 PM
mtj-Your sister's friend and her children were so out of line. I hate when invited guests think it's ok to invite others. One of the reasons I stopped having so many holiday dinners is because of that and people showing up two hours late and wonder why the food was put away. Then they would get everything out and start making plates. People who bring their dogs are SO SO SO RUDE. I have an old cat and she doesn't get along with dogs.

Kristi-My niece and her girlfriend ask me if they could take home a plate for later that night. I said yes. Later that night my brother and some of the guys wanted to eat again. I started getting out the food and couldn't find much. I ask where is the rest of the ham. where is the dish I put the cheesy rice in, where is the pies? My sister-in-law said Amanda and her girlfriend took out several bags of food with them. They didn't take a plate home they took almost all my leftovers.

7.5.16, 10:32 PM
Oh, Brenda, that has happened to us too. In fact, Denise thinks one of those that stayed in the house and left early with plates, took some meat as well. We can't prove it, but she said she had some leftover meat in freezer bags in the fridge and it is gone. Some people!!!!

7.6.16, 6:23 AM
There is a big difference between "a plate" and "several bags of food".
Any guest who arrived two hours late and asked "where's the food?" would get an earful from me.

7.6.16, 12:01 PM
I hope your sister will now cool off her friendship with this entitled B. Who does that? Luckily she lives out of town. Four dogs?? Are you kidding me? That woman needs a stiff lesson in manners. This is the rudest thing I've heard in a long time (except for Boo's family taking all of her leftovers!). And if you show up two hours late for a party - bring your own food, you moocher.