View Full Version : Clinton Campaign- Benghazi report filled with discredited conspiracy theories

6.28.16, 11:15 PM

6.30.16, 1:32 AM
It's not surprising that the same day the report came out the NRA rolled out their new 2 million dollar Benghazi ad laying out the blame back to Clinton. This ...after the tax payers have paid for a 7 million investigation for a partisan based witch hunt which did not produce the results they hoped for. In our local paper today there was an op-ed piece saying that it wouldn't matter if Clinton was cleared in any of these investigations due to the "fact", as they saw it, if she was cleared it would be because of bias for her.

Really, there's no changing some people's minds once an allegation has been hammered in. Truth is a just an illusive side issue for some.

6.30.16, 2:48 PM
What makes me feel sad is that people from the Bernie Sanders camp are clinging to stuff like this (this and the Email thing) in hopes that Hillary Clinton would be indicted and have to drop out, leaving Sanders as the Democratic nominee.

The fact that the Benghazi investigation turned out nothing doesn't bode well for the Email investigation.

What I do feel sorry for are the families. They are probably going to be reminded of the conspiracy theories for the rest of their lives. Most of these people (At least the ones that have not bought the conspiracy theories) want to mourn their loved ones and move on with their lives, not cling on to some fruitless search for "truth".
Conspiracy theorists are worse than the Westboro Baptist Church. At least the Westboros leave after the funeral.

7.3.16, 1:14 AM
Yes, that does seem to be reason for some Sanders supporters hoping for an indictment to secure him as the nominee...and sad to say, but I think that's part of what has kept Bernie from endorsing as well. With the FBI sit-down with Clinton today hopefully there will soon be a resolution soon and put it all to bed one way or the other to some degree. Everyone is tired of the email issue except for the Clinton haters anyway.

I totally agree about the families and friends of the Benghazi victims. They have become the pawns of political partisanship which is such a disservice to them and the memory of their loved ones. Political scams just suck!

7.4.16, 5:04 AM
This is one of the reasons why I warn against Libertarianism. A lot of times they think they can function normally and provide a "fair and balanced" view of things such as sources of news, but what they continuously fail to do is weed out BS sources.

We on one hand claim that the President is not doing enough when it comes to fighting terrorism, or is even helping the likes of ISIS. On the other hand if this were true, then why are we killing so many of their leaders? How come we're bombing weddings in Pakistan or Yemen? Can you imagine the conversations if he were actively sabotaging our efforts in the way they accuse him of sabotaging the defense of the Benghazi outpost? I can see it now.
"Sir, that looks like an ISIS convoy, do I have permission to open fire?"
"No, that's just a wedding. Move on......"

7.6.16, 5:07 AM