View Full Version : Brexit- UK to leave the EU, David Cameron resigns.

6.24.16, 7:22 PM

6.26.16, 3:25 AM
Looks like there may be some buyer's remorse now as over 2 million have signed for a re-vote. Which is probably unlikely. We'll see, but it sure didn't help world markets.

6.26.16, 6:20 AM
A lot of them (Especially Millenials) are being forced to give up a lot of benefits, especially migration rights. Looks like the main driving force has been an anti-immigrant sentiment (especially Muslims) that is becoming more and more prominent in Europe these days.
This also makes me wonder if the EU does eventually dissolve, and with increased nationalism among some European countries, if some point in the future the Europeans will distrust each other so badly that they are no longer willing to ally with each other when they are facing a common rival.

On the plus side, I've seen two hotels (One in Liverpool, the other in London) that are cheaper than I've seen before, and these are Sheraton/Starwood properties. Might visit when I go on vacation in August.

6.29.16, 12:25 AM
And of course, Jill Stein has to chime in.


6.30.16, 2:37 AM
My guess is that we will see more nationalism in the days to come. With the attack on Istanbul and other recent events it does ratchet up fear and countries may feel like isolation is the best recourse. That is not good., IMHO.

7.1.16, 12:22 AM
It's sad that in a time when the West (Especially Europe) should be uniting against a common cause, they are becoming more vulnerable instead as they alienate each other.

7.3.16, 2:19 AM
For sure! And that common cause is becoming more evident as other nations are being attacked by ISIL and lone wolves, too.