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6.22.16, 2:57 AM
I just don't understand why people can't see thru him and they ignore the things he has said. Trump is on record to a question about he was asked if he ever asked God for forgiveness which he said, no. Paraphrasing: "I never needed to." He just drinks the wine and eats the little cracker, he said. I would take bets that he's not been in a church for regular services until he started running for office. He says he's Presbyterian and spouts to the crowds he's an Evangelical as he waves the Bible. When did Presbyterians become Evangelicals?

Perhaps the Evangelicals are more easily hoodwinked that I thought they would be by a thrice married, adulterer, who was pro-choice before he decided to run for office, who was fine with gay marriage before he ran for office, who says his favorite Bible quote is "an eye for an eye". Oy Vey!!!! A sheep in wolves clothing?


6.22.16, 3:10 AM
And more...lol. Today he has questioned Hillary Clinton's faith to the Evangelical group saying no one knows about her faith if she has one and going on the talk about praying for our leaders.....then, as usual making it all about him, that they should pray for Trump to be elected. It's been well publicized for decades that Hillary is a Methodist, has been a Sunday School teacher and has written about her faith for years. Again, there are no lengths Trump is willing to go to make stuff up to make himself look better.


6.22.16, 10:34 PM
These people believe that America has come more immoral as church attendance is on a decline and sexuality becomes more overt. They also hate the "nanny state" when the government takes on the role of the benevolent caregiver, instead they want a strict disciplinarian from which they expect would come from a father figure, which is what they see in Donald Trump, not the benevolent nanny or a nurturing mother.

On the bright side......

http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2016/06/10/3786762/hillary-clinton-win-religious-right/ (http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2016/06/10/3786762/hillary-clinton-win-religious-right/)

6.23.16, 2:43 AM

6.23.16, 3:01 AM
I hope most have caught on. Ben Carson was on Joe's show this morning and was questioned about Trump's statements to the evangelical group and he replied that they know they are not electing a pastor-in-chief. Huh? When has the religious right not thought that their goal was to elect a profoundly Christian surrogate to state and national elections?

IMO, they are betrayed their own convictions to choose a person which they themselves, in any other circumstance, would deem as unacceptable to a powerful office. In the words of Paul Ryan "you can't make this stuff up". Sheesh!