View Full Version : Mass Shootings

6.13.16, 9:44 PM
How do you react to mass shootings in our culture?
Does it make you want to be in public less?
Do you think it is a myth that our society is "more tolerant" when someone who is anti-gay
perpetuates one of the worst mass shootings in our country?
I think everyone has a right to their moral or ethical beliefs.
But I don't know how they justify making a point of those beliefs by shooting a large group of people.
Blessings to all those who suffered loss in that terrible shooting spree in Orlando.

6.14.16, 7:19 AM
It breaks my heart and scares me so much. I worry about my grandsons and all the little ones in my life. I often wonder what this world will be like when they are grown. My brother and his girlfriend were over last night. They were talking about a man who made them nervous in the theater. He was sitting alone in the front and kept turning around looking at everyone so much that they couldn't enjoy the movie. It does make me nervous getting out in public after mass shootings. My thoughts and prayers have been with all who lost a loved one.

6.14.16, 11:57 AM
I have the same fears in public now too, especially movie theaters. We were in a movie theater in Miami once and it was not crowded. Some guy came and sat right next to us. It was creepy. I am always on the lookout now. You always think this happens in other places, but it's happening here too.

6.14.16, 12:59 PM
It certainly gives me an uneasy feeling and I am more aware of my surroundings. As for the shootings in Orlando, it breaks my heart. Any mass shooting breaks my heart. But, so many lives were lost in this one.