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6.13.16, 5:52 AM

6.14.16, 2:42 AM
Oddly enough, I didn't hear Trump saying anything about Howell in his "very important speech" on national security today (maybe it doesn't matter to Trump since Howell was caught before he could do damage with several weapons, etc.)...and WHICH I also thought was highly insensitive to try and make political points attacking Muslims again as well as implying that Obama is complicit in protecting Islamic based terrorism. Trump who also said the president should resign. Trump's speech was not only ignorant, but made proposals which are also unconstitutional.

6.14.16, 6:55 AM
I keep wondering aboout these people that at this moment, with only 7 months to go in Obama's tenure as President would they want Obama to resign or be impeached or assassinated? The Constitution should be clear about the line of succession, and his successor is supposed to be the Vice President which is Joe Biden. I hope the Republicans are foolish enough to screw over the Vice President like they are doing to Merrick Garland, and create some "constitutional crisis" which stalls Joe Biden's presidency until the General Election or somehow skips him and installs Paul Ryan.
I don't think something like this has ever been done, usually if the President dies in office or resigns, the VP is inaugurated almost immediately.

6.17.16, 3:34 AM
It's nothing more than political postering to appeal to the voters who hate Obama. He's done nothing to trigger an impeachment, but I recall seeing bumper stickers soon after his first election saying to impeach him. Saw one today that said "You Lie" along with at least three different NRA slogans. Hmmmm.