View Full Version : Sanders reason for fighting on ......hoping for an indictment of Clinton?

6.9.16, 1:54 AM

6.9.16, 6:47 AM
And THEY accuse CLINTON of being "the same" as Republicans? The Republicans have been hoping for an indictment for the last 24 years!

6.9.16, 3:19 PM
He says he will help Hillary defeat Trump, but at the same time he hasn't said he will quit.....?????

http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/06/bernie-sanders-obama-meeting-trump-clinton (http://m.motherjones.com/politics/2016/06/bernie-sanders-obama-meeting-trump-clinton)

6.11.16, 2:51 AM
There's really no reason for Sanders to continue on, unless he is hoping for an indictment...which even if there was one Obama would probably issue a pardon, but that most likely won't be needed.

IF Sanders, after the D.C. win or lose, vote decides to continue on to the convention....he'll really be only helping Trump.

6.11.16, 6:42 AM
Such an "indictment" should be a long shot at this point to begin with. Either Hillary did nothing legally wrong, or the investigators are incompetents. I would think Sanders is wiser than that, unless he is doing this to appease the "Bernie or Bust" groups that are hoping for this "indictment".

6.17.16, 3:38 AM
We'll see. Some thought that after the D.C vote, the last contest, Bernie would concede. Clearly, he's still going forward to the convention.

6.17.16, 6:21 AM
My guess is he is doing it for his supporters that think Hillary won unfairly. Make his case to the Super-delegates to switch sides.

However, at this point I don't see how they would. Hillary has the majority of delegates and votes. Even if he did, wouldn't this mean he is just as guilty as the people his camp accuses of skewing the Primaries to Hillary Clinton? (Especially Debbie Schultz)