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6.7.16, 1:16 PM
For the love of God and all that's holy, STOP asking
"is there a better time I can reach him?"

No, there is no better time.
You are not talking to him because he doesn't want
to talk to you.
He is not interested in what you are selling, ergo
you are not talking to him.
There will never be a "better time".

6.8.16, 1:56 AM
I don't know what ever happened to the "Do Not Call List" that was allegedly suppose to help curtail some of these sales, etc., calls. I've re-registered every few years, but it no longer seems to help. Every day my caller ID is filled to capacity and I don't answer anything that has an out of state area code...just let it go to the answering machine. BUT... even that doesn't always help since twice a year I do have to answer every call from any area code, because I publish and print a bi-annual family and children's services (for 21 years) publication where out of state (and local) companies who want to advertise.

Then it's Katie bar the doors! The scam calls I hate most are the ones from "Microsoft" where someone with a heavy (usually eastern Indian) accent named Paul or some American sounding name says "we have found that your Microsoft software has a problem we need to correct it". Hoping some poor sap will grant them permission to enter an online entry tab where they can mine financial information. I always just hang up, but earlier this year hubby took the phone and engaged the caller in a both sides Ultra Ninja tirade of cursing that would make Ron Jeremy blush. Hubby rarely ever curses....but, hubby did a good job of recalling every curse word he ever heard tho.....LOL.

6.8.16, 1:22 PM
I am on the Do Not Call Registry too and I get a ton of calls every day! I never answer if I don't recognize the number - especially it it is out of state. I recently added my cell phone number too because I'm getting calls there now too. I had a pre-recorded call the other day about getting medication? Huh? I hate the Indian guy who keeps telling me that the IRS is looking for me and I need to respond immediately. It's crazy.

6.8.16, 5:01 PM
I loathe sales calls. Six years ago when I took this current job, I had the option to go on COBRA from my previous employer. It was very expensive, so like a fool, I filled inquired online about short-term health insurance. I'm still getting calls about that. Six stinkin' years later. Sheesh! What I like to do on the calls that I do answer is throw the salesperson off track by getting them so confused and not able to follow their script. I'm evil that way... hehehe! :devilish:

6.8.16, 7:56 PM

If you have cable company telephone service, you can use this. We do, and IT WORKS! (And it's free.)

Works with all known sales callers, and blocks all "out of area" and hidden number callers too. (It gives them a chance to uncover their number to call through. Then, if it's still a sales call, you can add them to the list. No more calls! Love it.

Sorry to say, the old school telco's do not support it yet. (It's them; not NoMoRobo.)

6.9.16, 12:44 AM
Thank you, Mike! I'll check that out for sure! One of the weirdest calls I sometimes get shows up on the caller ID as my own phone number calling my phone.

Going now to register at NoMoRobo.com! :-)

6.9.16, 12:47 AM
Drat...NoMoRobo.com doesn't work with my provider Cox Cable. Oh, well...was worth a try. :-)

6.9.16, 6:05 AM
I hate the Indian guy who keeps telling me that the IRS is looking for me and I need to respond immediately. It's crazy.

The accounting woman in my office fell for this one. I heard her on the phone with the IRS asking about the legitimacy of such a call. Accounting people can't stand the idea that they have made some mathematical error, especially with the IRS. :pinkyz:

6.9.16, 10:59 AM
Thanks, Mike. I just signed up through Xfinity! Hope it works. I don't want anyone trying to sell me Xarelto anymore. Ha!

6.10.16, 11:20 AM
Thanks Mike, I just signed up with AT&T! Hopefully no more stupid calls. We get them a lot as well, and every time the home phone rings my parents jump to get it like it's a real person. I'm always telling them it's most likely a sales call, why do you jump? It's not like it's someone calling to offer you a million dollars. lol

6.10.16, 8:03 PM
I keep my land line off, unless it is a time when my son might be calling.
When it is on, I only answer it after the machine picks up.
I spend too much time on the phone at work to be dealing with numb-nuts calling me at home trying to sell me something.

My original post was about work calls when some sales person says "When would be a better time to call them?"
My point was...HELLO, I am screening their calls.
There is no way in hell I am going to tell you a "better time to call them".

Kris, maybe I should "reach out" to these people.


6.11.16, 9:17 PM
I have that problem too. I get calls about movies someone wants us to carry and when I tell them that I'm not the one to make those decisions, they want my bosses phone number. No way, Jose! I can't do that.

And yes, I believe "reaching out" will surely help. hehehehehe!

6.12.16, 7:38 AM
I don't give out cell phone numbers. I'm happy to take a message and pass it on to someone, but I do not give out cell numbers of our office staff or of our field staff. People ask for them constantly though.