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6.4.16, 7:31 AM
Who is Scott, and why is he great?
Who is Pete, and why is it always for his sake?
Who is Mike, and why is it for the love of him?
Who is Jane and why is she plain?
Why is smoke holy?

(Youngsters will not get this)

There are some interesting web sites that explain the origin of some of these phrases.

6.4.16, 9:27 AM
Please post the website. My friend, Michael, and I spent an entire evening once talking about old phrases and we made a huge list.

6.5.16, 8:27 AM
It isn't one particular web site, but many. If you do a Google search on whatever phrase you are curious about, you will no doubt find an answer.
"For the love of Mike" and "for Pete's sake" were fill-in phrases to avoid using GOD in those phrases, hence taking the Lord's name in vain.
It is guessed that Mike refers to St. Michael and Pete to St. Peter.

6.5.16, 9:18 AM
That's great!

6.6.16, 6:08 PM
I have wondered. :)