View Full Version : A Sequel To Mary Poppins?

6.1.16, 10:07 AM
I swear, nothing is sacred these days. :greener:

6.1.16, 11:24 AM
I never liked Mary Poppins. My dad took me when it came out and when we got home he said to my mom, "She didn't like it. I don't know about this kid." Ha ha.

6.1.16, 6:18 PM
I loved it.
And I loved the books.
I think it's an insult to Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke to remake this movie.
I'm so sick of Hollywood taking classic movies and remaking them with younger stars.

6.2.16, 7:44 AM
I don't think they're remaking it. I think they're making a new sequel.

6.2.16, 9:42 AM
Sorry for the use of the word "remake".
As you can see from the title of my thread, I know that this is a sequel.
What I meant to say was that I am tired of Hollywood taking something that worked 50 years ago and revamping it, remake or sequel.
Julie Andrews should always be Mary Poppins. Dick Van Dyke should always be Bert. Patrick Swayze should always be Johnny. Jennifer Grey should always be Baby.
Just my opinion. I'm old and cranky. I need to go yell at some kids to get off my lawn.

6.7.16, 2:18 AM
Fine with me for sequels or remakes if they can appeal to a new generation. Sometimes old films, plays, shows, etc., with new actors can bring a new interest with a younger crowd. None takes away from the originals that many love and classics will continue. A good story shouldn't have to be relegated to the dust bins of the studios and never be recreated again. :-)

6.7.16, 9:19 AM
I agree with that. I just have a difficult time because it seems like Hollywood takes the easy way out by remaking films instead of being creative. My favorite movie is "Sabrina" and I was livid when they remade it. But, it was just different enough that by updating it, it was more relevant and gained a new audience. I actually liked it. I think the same thing about bands. So many people freaked out when Adam Lambert toured with Queen. It was great! Why should the rest of the band, who worked so hard for all those years stop playing the songs they love because Freddy died? Time marches on.

6.7.16, 11:51 AM
I agree that Adam Lambert did a great job with Queen. People were all in an outrage, but the band chose him to do it. So, he obviously fit the bill. Some remakes are fine, like "Sabrina." I loved that movie and had never seen the original until after I saw the remake. But, some flop. I didn't like the remake of "Cheaper by the Dozen," for example.

6.7.16, 1:12 PM
Only here could a thread go from Mary Poppins to Adam Lambert.
Personally I can't stand Adam Lambert so that ruined Queen for me.

6.7.16, 1:48 PM
He was excellent and so respectful to Freddy's memory. I loved that concert.

6.7.16, 7:57 PM
I'm sure that fans of Lambert would be fans of Lambert replacing Freddy Mercury.
In my way of thinking, there was only one Freddy and no one should try to stand in his shoes.