View Full Version : Trump campaign broke?

5.29.16, 2:13 AM
How can this be? Mr. "Self-Funded Campaign" Moneybags' campaign is broke? But then again this isn't the first time one of his business ventures went broke, went bankrupt, or outright failed.

http://winningdemocrats.com/trumps-latest-lie-just-floored-republicans-reveals-his-campaign-is-broke/ (http://winningdemocrats.com/trumps-latest-lie-just-floored-republicans-reveals-his-campaign-is-broke/)

6.1.16, 2:24 AM
Again, this was part of Trump's genius plan from the get-go. No reason to spend ad money when every single media outlet wants to cover him due to his outrageousness. This has all been a ratings win for them as well and where it stops is probably no time soon, but at some time Trump's legions will have to put some money in and will have to rely on backers.

So many of those "Never Trump" people, including those who have bashed him as former candidates or others, now we see them jumping on the "never mind we have no integrity and changed our mind" bandwagon. That really says more about those now coming on board WITH Trump than says about Trump.

Ahem! Selling one's soul and integrity to a narcissistic, ego driven, thin skinned bully, who only cares about winning the "game"...that makes them happy just to win an election? It makes me sick to think about the future of this country.

6.1.16, 5:54 AM
It's probably more of an "I'll vote for a Republican regardless" type of thing, but there are fractures. Laura Bush saying she's voting for Hillary, The Koch Bros are backing Gary Johnson (and I should also mention going back to their third-party Libertarian roots), The other Bushes are staying out of it, possibly a Romney Independent run, etc.

In similar news, Trump is getting an endorsement from North Korea....

http://occupydemocrats.com/2016/06/01/trump-just-got-a-glowing-endorsement-from-the-evil-north-korean-dictatorship/ (http://occupydemocrats.com/2016/06/01/trump-just-got-a-glowing-endorsement-from-the-evil-north-korean-dictatorship/)

6.1.16, 8:34 PM
And here's something on Trump's lawsuits.

http://occupydemocrats.com/2016/06/01/unprecedented-can-guess-many-lawsuits-trump-involved/ (http://occupydemocrats.com/2016/06/01/unprecedented-can-guess-many-lawsuits-trump-involved/)

6.4.16, 1:46 AM
Plus the fact that Trump has said that once he's president he plans on changing the laws that make civil actions easier. Like suing the judge who's going forth with the Trump University lawsuit...who according to Trump is biased because of the judge's family heritage. Gees,...the judge is an American born in Indiana! Should we start bringing up the fact that Trump's recent heritage is German?

In all of Trump's rants about what he's going to do once he is president...how many times does he ever say "I'll work with Congress to make these changes?" NEVER! He proclaims that he's a GREAT negotiator, but has proven thru his campaign that his idea of negotiation is only when he wins or he will turn on those opposed.

Trump has the idea that he will be elected KING and since he's self proclaimed "tough guy" all the other elected people in govt. will cow-tow on bended knee to him. Scary! A super thin skinned man that can never turn the other cheek to criticism.

6.4.16, 10:11 AM
And after all of the criticism of Obama an people saying he's acting like a king, they turn around and vote for someone who actually thinks he's becoming a king.

6.7.16, 2:00 AM
True and the other thing that is SO telling about those elected GOP elected members who have decided to jump on the Trump train...who had nothing but distain for him previously including those who ran against him....have come out to support and endorse him. It's very clear they have chosen the party over America's best interest.

A bunch of sniffling cowards IMHO, who find it easier to go-along to get-along with Trump and sacrifice personal integrity. Willy-nilly saying they don't like the things he says, but will still endorse him. Like Rubio, etc., who say they signed a "pledge to endorse" the GOP winner and try to side step that doing so they right off their sworn duty to the people of the United States when elected...ALL the people, not just their party.

IMHO, every GOP elected official who has rejected their oath of office to serve ALL is now as unfit to serve as Trump is.