View Full Version : This is why I question stories that question global warming/climate change.

5.28.16, 5:47 PM
It's all about going back to the status-quo.
There is no climate change, so it is OK to go back to polluting again. Just as claiming there is no drought so we can go back to wasting water again.


6.1.16, 2:42 AM
Trump is great at slogans and platitudes with revealing few, if any, real policies.....which is working great for him. His fans, er, voters don't care! Trump is the new age Mother of Invention and just spout off anything he likes and hope it sticks. In his book "The Art of the Deal" he said, just repeat something over and over again and people will start to believe it.

Trump lives in NY and Fla...he doesn't care about drought in western states.

6.1.16, 6:56 PM
You know, every so often we get those stories questioning global warming, and this is the question I keep asking. Who benefits from such questioning?

And Florida is vulnerable if the sea level rises. they could do what the Netherlands does and set up dams and find ways of pumping water out to sea, but since Florida doesn't believe in socialism, I don't see that happening.

6.4.16, 2:24 AM
Good question and no one benefits once climate change affects their area. The Bowery area of NYC is built on land fill as are many other areas and the tide is riding each year. Whether or not someone denies or sees that climate change is due to global warming due to man-made or natural reasons...it's a real thing. Smaller populated islands in the Pacific are seeing sea levels rise that look as if they will eventually will be under water and uninhabited.

The rain forests in South America for logging are being decimated, which is a huge trigger on the world ecosystems.

Some of us live in our own little safe bubble in the world and think all is well with the world as long as we are safe in our own place. It's so much more than that. Sad that some can't see beyond their own back yard.