View Full Version : So.....my absentee ballot is in the mail.....

5.28.16, 3:38 AM
Thought I'd let you know, it is NOT feeling the Bern.

PS: I love the closing statement.

https://medium.com/@SaraJBenincasa/im-voting-for-the-democrat-in-november-because-i-m-not-a-human-tire-fire-4a3f48dff372#.hw6t7xy36 (https://medium.com/@SaraJBenincasa/im-voting-for-the-democrat-in-november-because-i-m-not-a-human-tire-fire-4a3f48dff372#.hw6t7xy36)

6.1.16, 3:44 AM
LOVE it! You go, Jolau! :-)

6.1.16, 7:53 PM
I've always said my vote will go to the front-runner. Hillary's numbers as of now (including Super-Delegates) are so close to her being the nominee, meanwhile I don't see how Bernie will catch up, even to breach 200 he would need all of these states to go to him, and by wide margins, not through close races with Hillary usually coming on top.

6.4.16, 3:36 AM
Hillary has made some headway this week going after Trump, but if wishes were horses I think there might have been some better opponents out there besides her and Bernie against Trump, BUT that's the cards we're dealt. I have no huge issue with Clinton (some of her stuffed is trumped up...lol) or Bernie now that the Trump is the GOP guy.

I only hope that America wakes up to what a HUGE mistake it would be to allow a racist, ignorant, anti-American values, bully like Trump lead this country into Hell.