View Full Version : Voters reject Bundy-loving candidates.

5.21.16, 8:43 AM

5.23.16, 1:52 AM
Thank goodness there are some reasonable people out there! lol

5.23.16, 4:23 PM
When I saw the topic I clicked to read it because I thought it was about Al Bundy from Married With Children. LOL!

5.25.16, 2:02 AM
LOL, Kathy. Certainly was a popular show at the time...warts and all. lol

5.25.16, 8:49 PM
Another Tea Party loss.

http://winningdemocrats.com/anti-obama-texas-school-board-candidate-loses-election-by-a-humiliating-landslide/ (http://winningdemocrats.com/anti-obama-texas-school-board-candidate-loses-election-by-a-humiliating-landslide/)

5.26.16, 11:22 PM
And now the Bundys want guns in jail. HELLO! YOU ARE BAD GUYS WITH GUNS! DIDN'T YOU GET THE MEMO?


5.28.16, 1:48 AM
Why sure! The 2nd amendment should be like an Oprah show....you get a gun, you get a gun, even you in jail get a gun! This evolution of being armed rights is all becoming absurd and scary.

Once again, a few days ago hubby and I went out to eat and in comes a guy with a holstered pistol on his belt. Do I know him? No. Do I know why he's carrying? No. Do I know if he has a legal weapon or not. No. Do I know if he's there for some bad intention or a good one about the management or an employee, or just there to eat? No. Do I know if he's a killer coming into a gun's OK'd establishment or just someone who walks a bigger swagger enjoying the machismo? No.

All I know is that he's not wearing a police uniform. This is very disturbing to me to see any Tom, Dick or Harriette carrying and I, as a regular citizen, it makes me feel unsafe in my own community.

5.28.16, 5:01 AM
I would think that even the Founding Fathers would say that our rights are not absolute. A well-regulated militia would imply loyalty to the state, its people, and I would assume that also means loyalty to the government.
I would also think that if a "militia" was simply defined as a group of armed civilians and loyalty to the state (let alone its government) is not a necessary to be defined as a militia, then would that would also include street gangs, mafias, and even terrorist groups.

5.28.16, 11:57 AM
Thank goodness there are some reasonable people out there! lol

Really. Thank goodness for prevailing sanity.