View Full Version : Do you think Hillary Clinton is corrupt and untrustworthy?

5.19.16, 10:03 PM

5.20.16, 3:37 AM
No, I don't think she is either and I would vote for her over Trump any day of the week. The perception that she is corrupt and untrustworthy has made her (as I mentioned before) a weak candidate to begin with and who is (as of current polling) nearly tied with Trump...is because everyone knew the bestowed baggage her candidacy brought into this campaign and which the GOP has spent countless hours via the media pundits attacking her. Now entered the (Let's see a birth certificate Obama) conspiracy thug Trump who has no integrity and ho has given renewed validation of everything anti-Clinton era and who has also ignited a fire to elect someone (Trump) who will say anything, whether is be made up...doesn't matter to them. It's all about winning to Trump. He doesn't care about anything else.

5.20.16, 4:00 AM
What I find sad is that the "Bernie or Bust" crowds are grasping at some of the same straws that the Republicans are trying to use to force Hillary out of the race. FBI/Email investigations? Dare I say Benghazi?

What is even sadder is that these people are willing to allow the (slow but steady) progress we've gotten for 4 - 8 years, under a guy that will probably make things worse. This is just OCCUPY redux. Crowds and protests, but not enough votes.

5.23.16, 2:51 AM
I will agree and it's scary to think that some of the Bernie crowd is not thinking ahead, just in case! It's bad enough that Clinton and Trump both have the highest negative numbers of anyone running for president ever, but the negativity coming out of the Sander's crowd is not helpful in the long run. Bernie presently polls higher in likability than either of the other two, but unless he pulls a rabbit of the hat by the time of the convention...this all comes back on Clinton. Trump is pounding everyday Bernie's former statement quoting him saying she's not fit to run (later backed off that).

IMO, if Clinton reaches the magic number it might be most beneficial for her to ask Sanders to be VP if he comes in short, but who's to know what will happen.