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5.17.16, 3:00 PM
Add on to this the glorification of past eras where they assume people obeyed laws, had better morals, had "personal responsibility", and did without when they couldn't afford something.

http://johnpavlovitz.com/2016/05/16/the-christian-myth-of-americas-moral-decay/ (http://johnpavlovitz.com/2016/05/16/the-christian-myth-of-americas-moral-decay/)

5.19.16, 2:04 AM
Pavlovitz makes some very good points in his article and I would agree that there's not much more moral decay than there has ever been. It seems like with every generation there will be those who think the sky is falling and it's always someone else's fault. Even in religious communities there are some who are liars, cheaters, bullies, racists, have sex before marriage, and all the rest as has always been.

The biggest trend I see today is the accessibility to media forums (pundit shows, talk radio, social media, etc.) which allow the perpetuation of negative issues and makes them acceptable as well as encouraging the like minded. The progress made over the years to insure all people have the same rights as others is beginning to slip back as this negativity towards racial, women, LGBT, etc., issues is becoming popular again due to...uh, Trump. Who is tearing off the scab, waving the magic wand that political incorrectness means it makes it OK to persecute, demean, and attack others legitimately again. A sad state of affairs.

5.19.16, 4:20 AM
These people tend to think that the 1950's was some age in which everything was "perfect", and there wasn't any sort of overt sexuality in its culture. However, this is also the decade where much of the "Baby Boomers" came from. It might not be overt, but we see the results of 50's era sexuality simply by the name of the generation that came out of that era.

5.20.16, 2:53 AM
No era was perfect for sure. lol