View Full Version : On more than one issue Trump sounds like a Democrat

5.16.16, 2:04 AM

Go figure! He's been a life long Democrat before he decided to run, name call, cut and slash his way into being a GOP candidate.

5.16.16, 2:39 AM
Usually it's Hillary "is the same" as Trump, not the other way around. I think if someone tried to do that amongst Trump supporters, such a person would either be shot at or beaten up, while Liberals (especially Bernie or Bust types) would cite all sorts of references that point to Hillary being a Republican, many of them come from Republican sources. Then again I say this country has a problem when it comes to weeding out propaganda.

But still, Trump "sounding like a Democrat" doesn't make me feel any better about him.

5.19.16, 1:28 AM
I agree. Startling to see, but some polls now show Trump leading Clinton by 3 points. IMO, as much as I personally have no problem with Clinton and think many of her issues are overblown, she is a weak candidate.

5.19.16, 1:44 AM
Yeah, but that is also what they said about Romney vs Obama.

5.20.16, 1:26 AM
The difference between Romney vs. Obama election and this one is the recent history problems of the incumbent party (Dem or Rep) getting enough votes to elect a new president of their party after 8 years of their person in power. That's where we see the "third term" being thrown around as a negative and even though Obama is enjoying his highest poll numbers right now. Support for Clinton does not necessarily transfer from Obama's poll numbers, but we'll see.

5.20.16, 2:29 AM
Actually, I think the best thing for Hillary to do is to take either Warren or Sanders as her running mate. I would think that doing so would secure at least some portion of the Sanders voters. Plus I think Sanders could also use that to his advantage if he plays his cards right.

5.20.16, 2:40 AM
I agree with either could result in a plus.