View Full Version : Social Conservatives are warming to Trump

5.16.16, 2:58 AM

Amazing and revolting at the same time!

5.19.16, 1:37 AM
I still don't understand how conservatives (in general) could ever "warm up" to someone like Trump, especially with his vulgarity and rudeness. The only reason why is what I suspected of conservatives all along. They tend to obey people like that if they are rich and influential.

5.19.16, 2:25 AM
Don't have a link, but I read an interesting op-ed piece today written by a conservative writer who said Trump was correct about the other GOP primary contenders who he called low energy, weak, etc. For instance Rick Perry who called Trump a side show carnival barker....he and others who proclaimed Trump as unqualified to be president, but now are kissing his rear and jumping on the Trump Train. Most all those candidates (except Jeb Bush), Carson, Perry, etc., now are campaigning for Trump.

How does someone go from blasting someone as the worst possible person for the job to putting aside their personal integrity and now supporting the person who maligned them nationally? Trump was right on these counts and personal integrity has gone out the window for these other guys jumping on that train.

5.19.16, 2:49 AM
I think they simply want to be on "the winning team" in hopes Trump will give them a few favors in the end (VP? Cabinet positions?). I thought Trump "can't be bought", isn't that the point of his "self-funded" campaign"?

5.20.16, 2:34 AM
Certainly that can be their reason in allowing them to trade their personal integrity for favors, a position in the cabinet, etc.,... which is horribly lacking in character in doing this turn about after what they said about Trump....and which may not turn out so well for them or the party in the future.

5.20.16, 3:24 AM
Here's another one.

http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/duck-dynasty-star-wants-to-be-trumps-spiritual-adviser/article/2591644 (http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/duck-dynasty-star-wants-to-be-trumps-spiritual-adviser/article/2591644)

5.23.16, 3:01 AM
Another example of a low information candidate backer. If Phil Robertson ever actually studied Trump's "spiritual" background and comments, like Trump responding to a question if he ever asked God for forgiveness. Trump said (paraphrasing) "no". Never needed to, but said he does drink the wine and eat the little cracker. I'd be willing to bet a dollar to a donut that Trump attended regular church in forever, until he started running for office.

Robertson is a fool to be lured by this (IMO) charlatan.

5.24.16, 1:34 AM
I call him someone who is a blind follower. Someone who supports the Republican regardless of what he did in his past because Donald Trump is in "God's" party.

5.25.16, 3:14 AM
I meant to say...that I doubt Trump ever regularly attended church before it became it politically became advantageous to him. Left out the word "ever". Sorry, my bad. Makes it all the weirder that those who proclaim religious identification would side with as a non-virtuous person like Trump. I agree Robertson is a blind follower and his support of Trump shows he lacks moral conviction.

Trump's buzz word is always "believe me". Personally that means to me...don't trust that person. I want substance, not platitudes.

5.27.16, 12:19 AM
My other theory about Robertson and other Protestants is that they believe that most sins (no matter how serious) can be forgiven and all they have to do is believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior and your spot in Heaven is ensured. But there are exceptions to this, while axe murderers can be forgiven, deviant sexual behavior (especially homosexuality and abortion) is not.

My question is, why would anyone want to share Heaven with an axe murderer?

5.28.16, 3:26 AM
Aside from the ill informed rational of Robertson and the fool he must be to think Trump is a part of "God's" party......

I am starting to understand the Trump mystic and how he has been able to get as far as he has. It's well know since the 90's or before, Trump has had aspirations to be president, but he has smartly waited until the right time presented itself. Prior to about a year ago he was a Democrat and supported Democratic candidates and platforms (to be fair he also gave money to a few Republican candidates...in turn for favors all, I'm sure).

He started mining the "Birther issue" (Obama is a Kenyan) soon after Obama's election and had a pretty good idea that Hillary might run again in 2016. Therefore, knowing how well the Birther issue played he was apparent that there is a huge market of negativism (in general and some well directed at Republicans) to be plundered.

So, first off he directed the negativism towards every Republican opponent with derogatory and belittling names and comments that stuck, bullying tactics. An astute Twitter attacker poster, he was able ratchet up the negativity and knock out the opponents making them look small...and securing the votes.

AND, lastly he knew that Hillary brought him a ton of ammunition against her and Bill (his former friends). Trump is going to milk that for all it's worth.

Trump, IMO, only cares about the win and cares nothing about what happens later if he wins. If he did, he would have been talking about laying out real policies, instead of pie-in-the-sky nonsense...and telling people..."Believe me". Run away when someone tells ya that.

5.28.16, 5:55 AM
Didn't he say that he would run as a Republican because of the sheepish mentality of their base?

My feeling is the Republicans on the national level are a "lost" party trying to regain the presidency. They embraced the "rugged individualism" of libertarianism but also the religious conservative morality. These two concepts don't mesh well together. It does however appeal to rural areas that think the government shouldn't interfere with their activities. They are "good" people who attend church that know what they are doing. (Doesn't this remind you of a bunch of overgrown teenagers?)
They (like most fascists) need a leader to rally behind, and people like Romney, Cruz, Rubio, etc. were not it. They got that leader in Trump who offers them anything they want.

6.1.16, 3:07 AM
Didn't he say that he would run as a Republican because of the sheepish mentality of their base?

I didn't know he did say that, but nothing should surprise me. I do agree that libertarianism and the religious right don't always correlate well in the same stream of thought. What "The Donald" has brought to the mix is a demagogue candidate who has appealed to a certain crowd of the lowest denominators and who think the "others" are out to take something from them. I do think the Tea Party had some play in this, too. For those Conservatives who thought they were voting in people in the last few elections who would be a real voice, but who turned out to be nothing more than do nothings and pick up a paycheck.

6.3.16, 6:09 PM
Now Paul Ryan is endorsing Trump. I never expected integrity from someone who models his economic and moral philosophy on Ayn Rand.

http://issuehawk.com/eric/2016/06/03/paul-ryan-im-voting-for-trump.html (http://issuehawk.com/eric/2016/06/03/paul-ryan-im-voting-for-trump.html)

6.4.16, 2:53 AM
I hoped more from Ryan and he didn't "exactly" say he was endorsing Trump, but I guess he was under pressure to say he would support Trump even though he didn't agree with all Trump said. Today he disavowed what Trump said about the Trump University judge. This is going to be on ongoing problem with those trying to support the GOP party with Trump and who will do even though it may come back to bite them if Trump is not elected.