View Full Version : A NEW "Who do you hate the most" poll!

12.7.07, 12:10 PM
Since there are so many more detestable characters now since the last "Who Do You Hate The Most" poll was posted, I thought I'd do a new one with a whole new crop of horrible people to hate! :evilgrinu: So, vote for who you currently hate the most (with the exception of the writers--that's a given!) :)

12.7.07, 8:41 PM
Philip tops that list for me

12.15.07, 2:49 PM
IMO Ford and his daddy are no longer relevent.

12.30.07, 1:46 AM
Ive always hated Kate. But right now I have not watched in so long Im not sure. I hate storylines more then the people.
But Chloe seems to have forgotten how to act. She is awful, Why did they even bring her back I wonder?:confused:

12.30.07, 8:01 AM
From the list of choices: Belle, Philip and EJ