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5.5.16, 10:10 PM
And we worry about Sharia Law, why?

http://www.addictinginfo.org/2016/05/05/duggar-linked-ministry-building-a-retreat-where-christian-dads-can-trade-their-teen-daughters/ (http://www.addictinginfo.org/2016/05/05/duggar-linked-ministry-building-a-retreat-where-christian-dads-can-trade-their-teen-daughters/)

5.7.16, 3:18 AM
It's true even if it's hard to believe in this time and day there are sects who still want women to be chattel and taught that their goal in life to get married and procreate.....to be breeders essentially. Family life is important to us all as I am sure it is to the Duggars and other Quiverfull families. The sad part is that these groups don't often open their girls out to opportunities that a profession might be something they want, too. They homeschool the kids in basic writing, reading, math skills, and religion and many keep the children segregated from other children to reduce outside influence.

So, I am sadly not surprised that Vaughn Ohlman's retreat would appeal to the parents of these girls.

5.7.16, 6:41 PM
I see a mistrust of women when it comes to these sort of repressive cultures. They seem suspicious that outside the bounds of marriage, women will either run off to have abortions or raise their children off the welfare system, thus depriving the church of another generation. This is more about filling church pews, not about giving anyone a better lot in life.
I've seen conservatives complain about abortion and welfare, and at the same time condemn birth control, or villify Margaret Sanger as someone who believed in Eugenics, and touting "abstinence-only" I also see the people that "did it right" facing impotence or infertility issues (as well as women hitting menopause). We're heading into an economy where it is near impossible to achieve the kind of income needed to raise a family while one is most capable of having children, we have a condemnation of out of marriage sex (again people being told to learn "personal responsibility" before having children), people who "do it right" work themselves into infertility/impotence and yet religious types like this (IE: People more willing to accept the status quo/their lot in life) breed like rabbits.
How can they say that, aren't they guilty of Eugenics as well?

5.9.16, 2:05 AM
Mistrust of the outside world does play a part, but maybe control may be a better term? That also may apply for religious reasons with both men and women. Through the ages religion has used as a cornerstone the threat of what will happen to people if they don't follow church dogma. Alienation from family like shunning as the Amish and Scientology does, honor killings some sanction in some religious cultures, eternal damnation for "sinners" who have not atoned, etc. These are all meant to keep people in line and as you eluded to....keep the fold in check and controlled.

Yes, looking at some of the other items of some religions they do seem to show traits of agreeing with Eugenics for sure.