View Full Version : Concealed weapons permits have now tripled and so have shootings by citizens

5.4.16, 1:35 AM

5.4.16, 1:44 AM
Even as police departments appeal to local and state officials not to pass some of the new guns laws some states are adopting it falls on deaf legislative ears. Many of these new laws work against the police...the very people that tax payers pay to train who are also in the line of fire of newly, legal unlicensed/no background checked individuals.


5.4.16, 4:19 PM
I wonder how much of this is going to be brushed off as Black crime, blamed on high-crime cities, or some form of "self defense",.

5.5.16, 3:56 AM
It shouldn't be brushed off as that as we're seeing more and more these situations involving vigilantism. Individuals carrying guns and intervening in situations that were once relegated to police intervention, but now individuals taking the law into their hands. Some of this will continue to be backed up with "Stand your Ground" laws, but others will certainly be charged with some murder charges as they actively engage some event where they should have called 911 instead.