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5.3.16, 9:26 PM
Wish the last remaining person wasn't Donald Trump. Oh and Bernie is winning Indiana.
#nevertrump = #bluenomatterwho
#feelthebern #readyforhillary.
(Who came up with this hashtag thing?)

http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/05/ted-cruz-ends-presidential-campaign-after-trump-sweep-indiana (http://m.motherjones.com/politics/2016/05/ted-cruz-ends-presidential-campaign-after-trump-sweep-indiana)

5.4.16, 12:24 AM
We just think this race has been ugly (90% on the GOP side), but now...Katie bar the door! Trump has seen over and over again that his labels on others, lies, dirty tricks, vulgarity, etc., have worked very well against every single primary candidate and no doubt he knows to continue this may well be his winning ticket in the general.

I wish I had a crystal ball to see what will happen, but I have a bad feeling seeing how many people this reality star has attracted and how little they care that he has not one qualification for the office and offers nothing more than making a statement with no substance other than just saying "Believe me". Just because someone is rich by sometimes scamming people in business does not make them an expert on the national economy, trade or foreign policy.

5.4.16, 12:59 AM
It's all said and pretty much done now with little hope of contested convention. It'll be interesting to see what Kasich does now, too. Some said tonight a lot of how the road goes for Trump soon with his meeting with Paul Ryan and if Ryan, as Speaker, will endorse him.

Back to Cruz, on Sunday Chuck Todd pressed Cruz in asking if tonight went badly for him if he would endorse Trump. In the Cruz normal fashion he dodged the question (which has always been the most annoying thing to me about Cruz..his reluctance to answer direct questions), but I would not be surprised if he suddenly becomes Trump's best friend (AKA: Christie, Carson) even after Trump made a mockery of him/them....even to imply Cruz's dad was affiliated with Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination.

There are no limits to how far Trump will go to be able to sleep in a new gold gilded Trump White House.

5.4.16, 3:16 PM
Kaisich OUT!

http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/04/politics/john-kasich-drops-out/ (http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/04/politics/john-kasich-drops-out/)

5.4.16, 5:09 PM
I wonder if this is a sign that the Republicans are at the point of financial exhaustion due to being so top-heavy (relying on the wealthy for political donations like the Kock Bros), and having to donate to 19 candidates not knowing if they are going to win, and it is to the point that Cruz/Kasich can't hold out until June because the donor pool has dried out.

Clinton and Sanders on the other hand are more reliant on smaller donations from a wider range of people or Democrats aren't as financially exhausted since they only have two candidates, both of which have a potential to win.

5.5.16, 3:26 AM
Trump says he has run on a self-funding campaign, which is mostly a lie, because he has relied on mass media which has provided him with millions of dollars of free air time. Now, as the process moves on he'll still get the free air time, but he's also going to have to have the funds for the general election to run ads in states which usually runs into the billions. No way Trump is going to put up a few billions of his own money, so he'll have to the other resources (federal and private).

One of the usual GOP deep money pockets, one of the Koch brothers, already did an interview with media saying it might be better that Hillary win, then place dollars on keeping the House and Senate Republicans instead...then look at 2020 later.

With the loses of Cruz and Kasich....the death knoll of the regular Republican party is bring rung as of today. Trump has reconfigured the party, by a majority of voters, that they have rejected the status quo party and moved to something totally different.

5.5.16, 5:26 AM
If he is funding his own campaign, I wonder how his own businesses are going to suffer from this. If he isn't going to use his own personal fortune to fund his campaign, I'm guessing he is going to cut the budgets of his own companies in order to do it.

5.7.16, 2:18 AM
Even though Trump says he's self funding to his ranks that's not exactly true as one can see on his website there's a donation button with increments from $10 to $2700, plus all the free advertising that the media has covered with interviews and rally coverage. If nothing more, Trump has been brilliant at media manipulation knowing that the more outrageous things he says...the more he will be talked about on their programs. I don't see him doing anything money wise that will jeopardize his own personal wealth as long as he can continue getting free press, but also that I would not be surprised if we see him begin accepting larger donations from other rich donors and he will say they don't want anything from him. Oh sure...lol.