View Full Version : Who would be the least presidential President?

5.2.16, 1:20 AM
LBJ, in modern times was pretty bad, but no one can compare to Trump's campaign of search and destroy by insults, bully tactics, made up stories, self-promotion, racist, NOT offering realistic detailed plans for what he says he's going to do as to policy, etc.

Just goes to show how the last 25 years of media pundit programming has put the country into a tail spin of bias and hatred towards anyone who doesn't share the same opinions. The nastiness we see today has been played out as govt. outrage, but in reality the pundit programming has been all about making sure ratings are up and sponsors keep paying to continue divide.

Trump would be no where without the tons of free media time he's had (on both pundit sides) and they do that ONLY because of his nastiness.