View Full Version : Once again something that gets very little outrage from the right.

4.28.16, 8:08 AM
I still say people who tout high morality should be greatly offended over things like this, and yet all I hear is dead silence from such people.

http://winningdemocrats.com/forced-oral-sex-is-not-rape-if-the-victim-is-unconscious-from-intoxication-says-oklahoma-court-video/ (http://winningdemocrats.com/forced-oral-sex-is-not-rape-if-the-victim-is-unconscious-from-intoxication-says-oklahoma-court-video/)

5.2.16, 1:54 AM
Never makes sense things like this. Regardless what the act is...if there's no consent, there's no consent and if there's no consent, then an assault is an assault. Just seems so easy to determine I don't understand a view otherwise.

Even if both are under the influence in some form or another there are consequences and sometimes bad judgment (drinking, drugging to a blackout) also sets one up for being a possible victim, too. That doesn't make an assault less or what the courts say is right or wrong, but just be smart about what one is doing, where they are doing it, who they know well they are going to be with them, make sure one doesn't leave a drink alone for someone to add something to, and be aware of one's situation enough to know when it's time to go home or call someone to come get them.

5.2.16, 7:05 AM
I've become increasingly disgusted by the "abstinence until marriage" types. The rules are almost always imposed on women, but there is very little when it comes to the expectations of men.

5.4.16, 1:08 AM
Yes, and it's a message that doesn't make sense for this day and time. The genie is out of the bottle with expecting that a majority of youth is adhere to abstinence, so we have to just make sure there are educational programs available for information on how to be safe, avoid pregnancy and/or disease.

It's not as bad for females as it used to be when girls were forced to leave school when they became pregnant, but you are correct that there is still some stigma on females MUCH more than males for out of marriage sexuality.

5.4.16, 4:29 PM
For one thing, I don't see anyone out there saying if someone is trying to have sex with you outside marriage, then this person is not the right person for you, just like having friends that try to get you into heavy drinking or drugs.
These people are not your real friends and you should distance yourself from such people. A good friend would be the kind of person who will try to steer you down the right path, not someone who is trying you to do something that is "popular", "rebellious", or would tell you something on the lines of "get yourself out of your Disney movie and go out there and be stupid!".

But just look at how we treat rape in this country. We allow rapists parental rights, the right to prevent an abortion, perhaps even custody rights. And after all this, the victims are still blamed for their rape.
If the crime wasn't sex related, such crimes would be prosecuted, the man would be in jail for a very long time (especially if the crime is drug related), and anyone who tests positive for drugs can be denied employment or social services such as food stamps or welfare.
Imagine what would have happened of we treated kidnappings the way we treat rape?

5.5.16, 3:47 AM
Good points and all I will add to the sex before marriage issue is that there is so much peer pressure today it does influence behavior for some whether it's from the others in one's core group, sexuality via media, etc. Also, as to being in a situation of danger from rape, etc., often it's bad judgment thinking they are invincible...as comes along with lack of life experience (youth) and that their decisions may put them in danger.

Kidnappings should always be dealt with as a high priority crime even when it's parental abductions, IMO.

5.5.16, 4:05 AM
The reason why I compare this to kidnappings is because these are similar circumstances to rape, but usually the reactions by the public and its treatment by the justice system are the exact opposite.
Can you imagine, a kidnapping if reported to police was treated as if the child ran away from home, and it was something the parents did that caused that child to run away?
Or if found, the kidnapper could sue for custody and could claim he or she has a right to the child, could sue for back child-support, etc?