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4.23.16, 6:05 PM

4.24.16, 2:23 AM
I'm not anti-transgender, but will say that I doubt that most people in any bathroom would even know who is and who isn't for the most part. It's not like anyone is going to announce at the bathroom door "Hey, anyone in the bathroom.... just for your information I was born a male/female and am the other now".

None of this is anything that has or does concern me, but saying that I don't like public bathrooms much anyway cause I don't know how well they are cleaned!

4.24.16, 6:41 AM
My personal feeling about this issue is that we have such a rigid definition of masculinity and femininity in this society, that if a male has feminine attributes (or vice-versa), he or she is either considered a homosexual or comes to the conclusion that they have to be a member of the opposite gender in order to accept themselves for who they are.

But we also see how the Right Wing treats homosexuals, and this is simply just an extension of the belief that homosexuals and transgendereds have the same out of control sex drives as their heterosexual male counterparts, and have to be controlled to prevent themselves (or their loved ones) from being raped.
At the same time, they also see the things gays do or transgenderds to that under conservative rules were taboo, but not actual law. Gays openly display their sexuality in public, transgenderds can enter the opposite-gender bathroom with no question. Things if these conservatives did out in the open, they would be considered creepy or dirty.

4.26.16, 2:40 AM
Some of this is a misconception and paranoid delusion from some that gays or trans are also pedophiles, which couldn't be further from the truth. Those ideas are just a way for some to justify their bigotry. Same for religious zealots who will state religious teachings as a basis for a bias, IMO.

4.26.16, 5:00 AM
Strange how they talk about their suspicion that gays and trans are pediophiles but say nothing about priests or congressmen.
And often it's boys, it's usually protecting them from being "changed" into a gay or a trans, and if its a girl, the trans intends on using her "trans" status to do something a man couldn't do. Enter the women's restroom and not be seen as a creep and have access to the girls.