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4.18.16, 3:07 AM
Clinton says it's not for her alone, but for congressional/senate races as well. Sad it takes so much money to run for office, but it is what it is.


4.18.16, 5:19 PM
Probably also the reason why Third Parties don't go very far in the US. They need to build from Dog Catcher on up, not just focus on the Presidency and Wall Street.

4.20.16, 2:22 AM
My memory is not as great as I'd like, but seems to me that many years ago there was a movement to limit the amount of money spent on political campaigns AND a place on everyone's tax form to where people could opt to donate a dollar, or so, to a general fund. What happened to that and why it didn't go any where is obvious now with all the huge monies spent now to win any kind of contest.

Also, it used to be that media was required to give equal time to candidates (with the 3 TV networks anyway) which probably ended once pundit media took precedence. Probably all this did hurt chances for 3rd parties.

In this election, it's really been all about Trump, because he gets ratings and people want to hear what he will say for entertainment value among other aspects of negativity, name calling and uncivility. From early on Trump was on every morning show, Republican debates scored record numbers, etc. How that transcends into the final arena is yet to be determined, but his campaign has probably changed elections going forward as to the merits, or lack of.

Viability of third party candidates may benefit in the future as many people look at this election and find they didn't like any of the current candidates and stay home.

4.20.16, 3:18 AM
Now that Hillary won New York, I'm going to also add it also shows the ineffectiveness of OCCUPY-like groups, accusations of "voter/election fraud" put aside of course. A lot of these cases seem like Independents trying to vote for Sanders finding out they can't because they didn't register as Democrats in time (if at all). I for one don't like the idea of open primaries because people like Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck could tell their listeners to vote for Hillary in the Primary, and then Trump in the General thinking Trump will be better able to defeat Hillary.

I still don't understand how conservatives could tolerate Trump or his supporters. Especially ones that tout their morality and things like manners and polite behavior.

The only reason why a third party could ever be viable only is if more of the voting populace actually showed up to vote. I think it's embarassing to be a country that promotes democracy, but at the same time don't show up for elections. They need to figure out why people stay home on election day, what they want out of their local/state politics (like I said before, not just from the President) and go from there. They can't just run for the Presidency during a time when voter turnout is low to begin with.

4.21.16, 2:10 AM
Good points and I agree with all.

Also, as to the later also very important point...those who don't bother to vote. Taking NY state for an example (and I would assume numbers may be somewhat equally applied to other states in ratio)....that the NY population is close to 20 million. Of that 20 million Trump, Cruz and Kasich together garnered less than 1 million, Clinton and Sanders combined were close to 2 million. Where were the other several million potential voters once one takes out the number of children and those not eligible?

Plus, as you mentioned, local and state elections were turnout is always small. It's appalling how little interest there is in these grassroots elections and those elections impact locals probably more than even national elections as to mayors, governors, school boards, and other local positions.

All I can guess is it's basically citizen apathy. People love to complain though, but seem to just can't find the time to show up on election days...OR register to vote.

And, of course, I totally agree with the mystery of why conservatives or otherwise, are choosing Trump. They have to be low information voters, is all I can guess, because his personal and political affiliations of the past are common knowledge. A lifetime democrat, married 3 times with affairs on his wives, was for abortion before he was against it and on and on. Not to mention his crass, arrogant and boorish behavior while running for the highest office in the land. Quite the mystery, but I do think some are star-struck by his circus entertainment value.

4.22.16, 1:24 AM
Here is something of concern when it comes to Bernie and his election chances in November.

http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/04/sanders-socialism-and-myth-november-polls (http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/04/sanders-socialism-and-myth-november-polls)

4.23.16, 3:36 AM
I do think it's true that if Bernie is the candidate there will be masses of ads about him being a democratic socialist. Of course all the others also will face their history with attack ads, too. Clinton with emails, Bengazi, etc. Cruz with his "Let's just shut down the government and do nothing" while reading Green Eggs and Ham and Trump's racist, egotism, negative attacks on females (not to mention his nutty recollection of false events.

But, with each party...Dems, especially, the negativity going on right now will not help whoever gets to the end.

4.23.16, 5:37 PM
As I said earlier, Bernie has three things going against him.
-He's still considered a third party candidate
-He's not Christian
-He's a Socialist.
I don't think Republicans will fall in line for someone like that. If there's anything else, I'm sure they could find some scandal.

4.24.16, 2:45 AM
Sure and those points have always been a general election problem for Bernie that some primary voters who don't see the forest for the trees. Bernie's appeal to young voters and getting them to take part in the process has been amazing...and also has been Trump's ability to bring in older first time voters and those who are either star-struck or are low information voters.

I watched the Mike Schmerconish (sp??) show today and he had about a dozen former registered Democrats who had re-registered as Republicans in order to vote in the PA primary for Trump. About half said they voted for Trump to insure he would be the candidate to run against Clinton ...and felt like it would guarantee Hillary a win.

Among other odd facts of support they stated...one said she voted for Trump, so she could say "Merry Christmas" again. Mike asked her who told her she couldn't say "Merry Christmas" and she said "the government". ????

4.24.16, 7:16 AM
LOL at the person voting for Trump to make it easier for Hillary to win.

I'd say if there was a such thing as a "War on Christmas" or Christianity in general, we would at least not be holding school breaks around Christianized holidays (Christmas, Easter) and the commercialization of Christmas (Good God, decorations up after Labor Day?) would be over.

4.26.16, 2:26 AM
Christmas decorations after Labor Day...are you kidding?? Here, Hobby Lobby stores, I bet has Christmas out the end of May...LOL! ;-)

The whole argument is silly, even about prayer in school. What student hasn't sometimes said a prayer before a test. Please GOD just let me get a C! lol