View Full Version : Indoor stuff: the entire Harry Potter series free streaming on Amazon Prime

12.22.15, 10:04 AM
It's forecast to be (weirdly) warm but rainy here for the winter break week. FYI, for those in need of distractions: I just saw that the entire Harry Potter series of movies is available for free streaming for Amazon Prime members (http://amzn.to/1m64F3c).

And if you're not already a Prime member (http://amzn.to/1m64F3c); they do have a 30-day trial period. Just right for Winter break and a bit more. ;-)

Correction: Sorry, but it turns out that it is NOT the entire series that is available for free, but just a "featurette" about the series that is free. There are a lot of movies and whatnot in the free library, but not the entire Harry Potter series. Sometimes the guy who sits in my chair jumps the gun. Again: sorry.

12.22.15, 12:46 PM
I must not be looking in the right place.
I don't see any of the Harry Potter movies available for Amazon Prime.
I see the entire series of Harry Potter Books available through the Kindle Lending Library, but not the movies.

12.22.15, 4:27 PM
Ack! They fooled me. It's a "featurette" about the series that is available free. Blecch.

I apologize to anyone who went on this wild goose chase. (And thank you, with blushed face, to MTJ. )