View Full Version : Figuring out the [nearly] impossible array of Garmin GPSs...

10.10.15, 12:46 PM
I'm a fan of Garmin GPSs. I've only used this brand myself, but as a "computer guy" I've assisted a lot of folks in figuring out and setting up the GPSs that they've been handed as built into their cars or that they've picked up on sale somewhere. I know that some folks like the TomToms and Magellans, but I'm sticking with Garmin.

If you've ever shopped for a GPS of any brand, the arrays of different models is mind-numbing. Except for a couple of obvious features -- like screen size, or lifetime map updates -- they all seem the same! Ack! What can the difference be???

Today I stumbled upon a site that has patiently and meticulously charted all of the features into grids. Models are separated by model years and within years, by model name. Across the grid are all of the features offered by the manufacturer, and each model has an "x" and/or comment to indicate if it has that feature.

Wonderful! It would be nice if the site would also feature a filter gizmo, so that you could say, for example, only show the models with lifetime maps, and so on, but the chart is much, much better than the stumbling impossible task of trying to figure this out from the manufacturers' data. (I personally think that even the manufacturers don't know all of the differences!)

Here a link to the chart for Garmin GPSs at "GPS Central (http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/nuvi-comparison.htm)" (http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/nuvi-comparison.htm)

If anybody from GPS Central stumbles onto Coffeerooms... Thank You for your patience and perseverance in assembling these charts!