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5.16.07, 6:30 PM
And it's non-stop and not judgemental:

5.19.07, 11:02 PM
Yeah, speaking of HBA (Hot Bunny Action) (... that sounds good, doesn't it? "Next on HBA... Big Love!"), I'm going to see my mother tomorrow, round trip, crazy trip.
By car, she lives about 6 hours from Montr嶧l. By plane, thanks to my most excellent friend who works for Air Canada, 1 hour.
Though immensely grateful to my friend for offering her airplane pass to me, I'm really not happy about having to go through my purse right now and wondering if this or that object is "too sharp," or having to leave behind my contact lenses solution--I'm flying INLAND, people! Same province and all (same State, ya know?). And I have my passport, and residency (please!), and not a single incident with the law whatsoever, and all that jazz.

OK, I'm done ranting.

In other news, I'd really like to be here more often.
I'll try to get that going.

I miss this.

5.20.07, 12:46 AM
Too sharp. Too liquid. Exploding shoes. You never know...

The thought of travel exhausts me. Well, I guess anything kicks my fanny these days. But when I hear what it takes to even get on the plane, I feel just fine about staying home.

That's not much of a pep talk, is it. I'll anxiously await your return. And send happy thoughts to all the inspectors who even glance your way. Fluff your tail and they'll know you are a harmless hare and zip you right on through.

Hurry home, rabbit.

5.22.07, 11:06 PM
Thank you, Annie, for that post. I'll be smiling because of it probably the rest of the week.

I'm home, safe and sound. BUT...
So, I get to the Montreal airport...


5.23.07, 7:10 PM
How is Mom? How are you? I need a real life update. Just the high/lowlights. Like what are you listening to? Reading? Watching? I need to check my mess of an address book (the email one) to see if I have anything current for Rylooo.

(forgive me, newest drug stuff is stealing brain cells like mad, unnerving when one starts with so few... did I already ask if you have been in touch w/bigfan?)

5.29.07, 12:39 AM
Real bunny life update coming up soon. Thanks for asking, Mr. Pepper.
But sorry about the "drug stuff"... Sorry you have to deal with that, mon amie.

I haven't been in touch with Dr. bigfan for awhile, because I haven't been a good virtual friend. Annie. I'm. Just. SO. Tired. How come nobody told me that menopause could be so rough on the system? Like, I don't do anything on a weekend day, I sleep 8 or 9 hours that night, and I wake up even more tired than the day before. That's just frigin' swell. (... I guess I'll have to ask Super Oda how to get italics and bold in here, 'cause I can't live without them, but I see that HTML tags are out :^)

Anyway. I'll be back for the update and all.

I hope you're getting accustomed to the new medecine, Annie.

5.29.07, 12:41 AM

5.29.07, 12:53 AM
Super Oda is slaving away for... 6 more days? Pre-opening prep for the show is impossible, time-wise, but she promises to rejoin us ASAP. Which will be sometime after the beer and clams run out after the party on the beach, post whatever they call it... tech wrap?

But... I can tell you that the italics and bold happen when you highlight the word, then click on either the I or the B above. Different colors happen the same way, by highlighting then clicking the A and a little palette will open up to give you choices.

Oh... I just realized that your options may not be set right. I'll check and next time you're on, it will probably be obvious.

The menopause... le merde. I flipped the other way, no sleep. Ever! Which might have been fine if I'd had some energy to use during all those hours. And if I hadn't been (been?) such a cranky bitch or weeping mess during them. Hormones... the stuff that dreams are made of.

Hopping off to check your settings. You won't feel a thing, I promise.

5.29.07, 9:53 AM
Sorry I haven't been as available as I'd like to be. The tech process (aka "hell") is almost over and I'll be back to a regular schedule. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

5.29.07, 9:27 PM
OH! All right! I can see everything and do anything, now!
Thank you so much, Amie Annie. And Oda, girl, not a problem. You is busy. And that's good.
(I'm really annoying my entourage these days with http://icanhascheezburger.com/
Any other fans here of that stupid trend? ;^)

5.30.07, 9:48 AM
OMG, I love those stupid cat pictures. They're so hilarious. I love invisible bike and invisible sandwich! LOL

6.3.07, 3:58 PM
Helllo, hello, hello. How are ya, Annie?
So nice to see a litle action back on the gURLs board! And it looks great, Annie, really, it does. (Going to take a technologically impaired person like me a little time to figure out all the cool new stuff though, but I like it :).

Hope you and all the gURLs are doing well!

See ya around!

P.S. ... I have NO idea where this post is gonna land up. Guess we'll find out shortly.:)

6.3.07, 4:00 PM
Ooh, look! My first spelling mistake on the new boards. Bet your bottom dollar there's more where that came from.

6.3.07, 5:53 PM
I'm so glad to see you. How's life for you these days? Almost winter way down there, eh?

(psst... One of the good things about these boards... you can edit things like spelling mistakes. Very handy for me :o )

6.3.07, 6:05 PM
til, you can add to your annoyance quotient with stuff on my cat (http://www.stuffonmycat.com/). An example:


6.4.07, 5:19 PM
Almost winter? No, I'd say it pretty much hit us already last week. Even the fountain in the middle of the crappy little town where I live froze solid almost in mid air. Freaky. Just like the town.:)

Yeah, new town, new (even crappier) job, new (cool) car, new cool dog, new crappy-ish apartment. Crap and cool intertwined. And a touch of crap with the public service strikes going on over here at the moment, too.

How about you, Annie? I hope there's much more cool than crap over at your end?

6.12.07, 11:14 PM
Speaking of drugs that relieve symptoms of those wonderful power surges....a few that I find to be somewhat effective are "Oil of evening primrose" and "black cohosh". I take a regular cocktail of them both at breakfast time, and before I go to bed. The names sound far more exciting than the product. AND they both are legal and can be purchased at a Trader Joe's near you, or if that is not available, I guessing at any local vitamin place.

6.19.07, 1:33 AM
Unexpected, delightfully cute video. Thanks for sharing! =)