View Full Version : Possible new drug target found to suppress Lupus inflammation.

4.7.15, 11:53 AM
A highly technical article at MedicalExpress.com (http://medicalxpress.com/news/2015-04-protein-triggers-lupus-associated-immune.html) reports on a study at Massachusetts General Hospital that appears to have identified a, or the, protein that triggers lupus-associated immune system activation.

This could be some huge news toward a generalized treatment for Lupus in that the study identifies a particular protein that "activates a molecular pathway" for another protein that stimulates inflammation.

Over active inflammation, of course, is the core driver of all Lupus symptoms, and this newly identified protein appears to be, like, the little buddy that prods the big inflammation bully into too much action.

The thinking goes that if they might find a way to get the prodding buddy protein to calm down or shut up, then Lupus inflammation flares might be controlled.

Oh man; would that be swell.

Get this on the fast track people!

4.12.15, 2:40 AM
Fingers crossed! Gosh, that sounds very promising! :-)