View Full Version : Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

11.30.07, 8:56 AM
Oh, this film had such potential, it really did. And it's worth seeing for the special effects in the toy store. The story line, however, bites. Mrs. Branson's third grade creative writing class could have done a better job. Dustin Hoffman pulls off a nice rendition of Willy Wonka. Natalie Portman is atrocious and totally bland. Who is this woman and what is with her "I wanna look like a little boy" look? Zach Mills is charming, the kid has amazing potential. Jason Bateman is also charming, although his character was severely underdeveloped. Overall, an A+ for special effects and a D- for the story line.

11.30.07, 10:10 PM
Yeah the whole thing looked corny to me and to much of a Willy knockoff. I am not a Portman fan either so that doesn't help much

12.20.07, 9:31 PM
Oh, foo. I'd hoped that it would be good. We saw the trailer almost a year ago and I loved it, but obviously no story bits were there, just lots of pretty. Too bad to waste it all.

12.21.07, 9:59 AM
Like I said, it had great potential. The first mistake was casting Portman. She totally phones the whole thing in.
The second was the story line, which I felt was weak and underdeveloped.

12.22.07, 5:28 PM
I really hated this movie. Dustin Hoffman was embarassing. What on earth was he thinking with that voice? Just a terrible mess of a movie, imo.

1.15.08, 2:51 PM
I did not like it either.