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11.29.07, 9:40 PM
I wonder if Chloe wants Philip back.

11.29.07, 11:23 PM
Gawd, I hope not!!! I wouldn't mind seeing Chole mess with Philips head though. I think Philip is using Belle. Philip has the mentality of " I can't lose". He is trying hard to win Belle back ( to me) to prove that what he wants, he gets. Losing to Shawn in anything is unacceptable to Philip. Now that Chloe is back, things should be very interesting. But first, I gotta know what has happened between her and Brady!!

11.29.07, 11:32 PM
But first, I gotta know what has happened between her and Brady!!

Yeah, me too! I mean, why can't any couples on Days stay together?:mad:

11.30.07, 10:58 PM
I want her to want Philip and take him away from Belle. That whole mess just has to end. I like having her back on the show

12.2.07, 4:45 PM
Yeah, I always wanted Chloe with Philip.

12.3.07, 3:23 PM
NOOOOOOOO....I want and love Chloe and Brady!!!
is Brady going to come back??? I want to know what happend why is she back without Brady??? When she and Brady left I imagined that they focused on her music career and hopefully started a family. Brady needs to come!

12.4.07, 11:54 AM
Chloe and Brady got divorced. She said that in the first episode she was back. And I believe Kyle Lowder is now on another soap, so even if Brady did eventually come back, it would be a re-cast.

That said, I detest Belle right now and would love to see Shawn find out about her and Phillip, drop her like a hot potato and then Phillip and Chloe get together. Leave Belle in the cold where she deserves to be. She disgusts me and I wish that both Hope and Bo would just go tell Shawn right now. But he probably wouldn't believe them. He needs to catch them in the act.

12.4.07, 3:33 PM
sounds like she didn't cut it as an opera singer in Vienna...I'm sure the "pressure" of being great interfered in their marriage...i do not understand why Brady would want to stay in Europe when all his family is in Salem...but they'll never bring him back

12.4.07, 8:34 PM
sounds like she didn't cut it as an opera singer in Vienna

She mentioned that there were so many divas to compete with that she fell flat and she missed the life she left behind in Salem.

12.15.07, 2:53 PM
I think Phil is messing with Chloe's head.
I hope he deflates her massive ego.

12.16.07, 2:15 PM
Didn't Brady take a chunk of his mama's money and build that girl her own Opera House?? How can you fail when you OWN the house???? I guess the only way would be to be such a dreadful singer the audience would go out of town for their opera?? So I guess that would be a blow to her ego and she returns to the place where she was happy?? That's a laugh, she looked down on everyone in town, no one was good enough for her.... it should be Brady that returns.... he was happy in Salem and his family lives here.... Ghoul Girl should go home to where ever her sister lives and thank Joy for each day of life Joy has given her...
Total Brilliance to bring this character back on the field of players.... ya we missed her.... like we miss the plague...

12.16.07, 6:52 PM
bring back Brady and ship Chloe back out of town. I'm already sick of her.

12.16.07, 11:42 PM
I actually like Chloe. I always have. Of course if DAYS starts to change her dramatically then it'll be a different story. What I don't like is the way she is pursuing Philip. As I said in another thread, I was kinda shocked she told Shawn about her suspicions. I didn't think she would do that. Infact I thought she may find out about Belle & Philip and keep Belles secret. Not that Belle deserves it.

12.17.07, 6:45 AM
I thought it was nervy when she asked Philip if he were thinking about them in high school.
She treated him like a dog in high school from letting him be accused of rape, to playing him against his uncle.
Chloe was more miserable in Salem than she was happy, and if it's true that she was happier in Salem, she must have hated Europe.

12.17.07, 6:53 PM
I'd lose all respect for her if she did.
He abused her horribly before and during the time they were "together" and what he did to Brady is unforgivable.

He treated Chloe as badly as Shawn treats Belle. It's disgusting!

But then again, I've lost most any respect I ever had for Chloe because she left Brady. What a moron!