View Full Version : So Sheffer, where HOPE'S storyline?

11.28.07, 9:29 PM
Marlena gets one and now, she's more admired and worshipped than ever before.

So when will it be HOPE'S turn to get an SL in which she emerges stronger than ever before?

Kristian deserves BETTER than to be caught in the middle of this insulting Phelle/Shelle/Belle drama and so do the KA/Hope fans. Hope is so much more than the nosey meddling mom. In fact, it's NOT Hope Williams Brady at all.

Sure, I can see her offering Shawn support and being his sounding board at times. But not holding his hand every freaking step of the way or being Belle's b@#ch. It is so insulting and downright pathetic!

The Hope fans are NOT enjoying this drivel.

11.29.07, 11:33 PM
I think Hope will come to regret her decision about keeping Belle's secret. Hope loves her son and hates that Belle has done what she did. Hope should have given Belle an ultimatum to tell Shawn or she would tell her son. I'm sure Belle would have put her own spin on it, but with Hope lurking inthe background, she would have been forced to tell Shawn.

Greys and Days
11.30.07, 12:54 PM
I agree, it seems that it is heading in the same direction lucas/kate's relationship is, shawn will find out, then he will find out that hope knew and told everyone. I don't want to see that kind of relationship between shawn and hope.

11.30.07, 1:15 PM
Me neither Greys & Days but this will give HOPE her story line. Hope and Shawn have had dust ups, she angry at Shawns behavior that puts his life in danger, Shawn angry at Hope about Patrick but nothing like this, on this level. If Hope loses her son or a rift between them happens because of her attempts to protect him and he not forgive her for it, well, that's Belles ass because HOPE will surely never forgive her!

11.30.07, 10:57 PM
I was hoping that a storyline of Bo and Hope's son not really being dead. It broke my heart when they killed him off. I was devistated for the 2 of them. I think giving her a break from all the stupid storylines was a good idea to only wrap her into Belle/Shawn/Philip's is a slap in the face. The true Hope would have handed Belle her head on a platter. Where is that Hope??