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11.28.07, 10:27 AM
This is a new show on A&E that premieres December 10that 10pm eastern. It's about a group of Penn State college students that have formed a paranormal research group and go out and investigate the paranormal.

It looks interesting, although it is only a 30 minute show. That doesn't seem like much time to squeeze an entire investigation into. So I wish it was an hour. But I'll watch it either way :winkq:

12.10.07, 3:13 PM
Just a reminder that this show premieres tonight for anyone that might want to watch it.

12.18.07, 5:21 PM
Any one else watch this? I'm not a fan. I really don't like the whole demon angle they have had so far. And some of the things they were telling the home owners had me laughing and feeling bad for those home owners at the same time. I hope the show improves, I don't think it could get much worse. JMO though!

12.19.07, 11:16 PM
I actually liked it but felt it was more scripted than anything. I am giving this a chance

1.6.08, 11:54 AM
It kinda reminds me of the show "PSI Factor". If it IS reality, it doesn't feel that way. But it's good enough to DVR so you can watch it when nothing good is on.
When is someone gonna start a board about "Moonlight"?

1.7.08, 6:44 PM
I don't know, I think it's sad to the point of being funny. I expected it to be more like Ghost Hunters. Where they would set up cameras and review the footage looking for evidence and debunking reports of paranormal activity.
But they come off more like paranormal enablers. Most of these people seem to need some counceling. Like the lady whos son had commited suicide. She blamed it on a ghost? If her son had been seeing this 'ghost' his whole life, maybe there was more of a medical answer to his problems, which were never treated, and he committed suicide. Then they did the whole pagan banishing ritual on a boat, on a lake, with a daggar and in a funny voice. I mean wow WTF was that all about? I thought that was way way over the top.
There was the overweight man who was hot and sweaty so they 'exorcised' him. WTF? The man needed some water and maybe a fan. I'm waiting for a head to spin and pea soup to start flying. The show is just way overly dramatic. They seem to have some cool toys (equipment) to use as well. Instead they pray over people and do pagan rituals, WTF? I think you could make some fun drinking games out of it though.
Oh and if Ryan (the main investigator guy) seriously thinks that he is being followed by a demon, then he should take care of that first. He apparently believes he is being followed by this demon, and in a sense he is bringing it with him to these peoples house, where they already feel like they are having paranormal issues. He should not be trying to help other people if he himself needs help. Although personally I think he's sounding rather kooky!