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11.27.07, 6:59 PM
SOD's Best and Worst for 2007

SOD Best Story 2007: The MC Hostage Crisis
Worst Story: The Satin Slayer
Worst Couple: Josh/Cassie from GL.
Best Triangle: Noah/Luke/Maddie ATWT
Worst Triangle: Rick/Phoebe/Constantine from B/B
Most Tortured Couple: Zach/Kendall, AMC
Best Family Drama: Noah in the Middle, Y&R
Best Quad: Jasam and Liz/Lucky
Worst Quad:Rosanna/Paul/Meg/Craig ATWT
Best History ReWrite: Jill learns Cane is her son, Y&R
Worst Rewrie: The Vendetta, Days
Best Recast: Austin Prck, Brad, ATWT
Worst Recast: Christina Chambers, ex-Marty OL.
Best Break up: Victor/Nikki, Y&R
Worst Breakup: John/Natalie OL
Most Shocking Ploot twists:Linsay killed Spencer/Davids A Buchanan, OL
Most Preposterious Plot: The Vincent Saga, Passions
Worst Villian: Tate, OL
Best Heroine:Harley, GL
Most Entertaining Character: Esme, Passions
Most Boring Character: Adrian, Y&R
Biggest Waste of Talent: The Veterans, Days
Most Daring Story: Zoe, AMC
Most retread Plot: Brooke/Ridge, B/B
Best return: Tony/Anna/Stefano, Days
Worst Return: Dylan, GL
Best Soap Hop: Eileen Davidson: B/B
Biggest Tearjerker: John's Death Days
Most Disappointing Show: GL
Most Improved: OLTL
Best Show: ATWT