View Full Version : Winter knits! (or crochet!)

11.27.07, 12:15 PM
Anyone working on anything special for the winter months? I was wearing my hat the other day when it was freezing and realized how much wind gets through it so I immediately started working on a super thick double knit hat. Next in line, some new arm warmers.

12.8.07, 1:42 PM
at the moment i am not focusing on winter knits but I am knitting socks for soldiers ( an organization which has sent close to 3000 socks to all branches of the military) anyone interested in knitting for this worthy cause?

1.1.10, 9:23 AM
knitting scarves, hats. also baby items to be distributed to the needy.

4.13.10, 10:00 AM
I have always wanted to learn to knit and crochet. Juner, thank-you for what you are doing.