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11.26.07, 6:25 PM
Hello All
There's been so much going on I've not been around much lately - I'll have to read back through your posts to see how you are all doing. We've been in France quite a lot since Grandad went into the care home and I'm able to work more hours now. I haven't had internet access in France (previously my son managed to set up a 'bounce' through the UK). But we have decided to move there permanently next year! We have found a run down old farm to renovate and hope to move out after DDs graduation next summer. Hope you are all well and had a great Thanksgiving!
Liz x

11.26.07, 11:45 PM
Hi! Long time to see. I haven't been around eather. Thought I would drop in and see what was up. Looks rather quiet in here.

A farm in France. I am green with envey. Sure hope you can work out something so you can get internet though. Have you already bought this farm or are you still looking?

I have been so busy this year. My hubby just retired. We have really been enjoying being 'non-working'. LOL!

On a sad note though......our daughter just got a divorce. Actually we are really relieved that she finally left him. She dated him for 3 years and then was married to him almost 20 years. She told me "Momma, I just couldn't stand even being in the same house with him." There are 3 grand kids though and even though the divorce is final, I expect it to get messy. *shrugs sholders*

Are you getting much winter weather there yet? We are going through a cold snap here. At least we can curl up in front of the fire with hot chocolate and not commute to work. This retirement is great.

11.27.07, 7:45 AM
Sorry to hear about the divorce situation - but I guess the worst is over for your daughter now - even if it gets difficult she can now start over. We are in England at the moment - our French place is secured but we don't complete till after christmas. We'll be here a lot though until the summer. Congrats on DH retirement! Enjoy it! Great to hear from you!
Liz x

11.27.07, 12:38 PM
Congratulations on your new farm. I told hubby about it last night and he is green with envy too. Just how cool to live in the French countryside. Do they speak a lot of English there. I am sure you will be picking up alot of French lingo.

I think we are going to put our tree up today. It is artificial so we don't have to worry about freshness. Actually we stoped to look at the real trees and they wanted $40. *sheesh* Talk about 'sticker shock'. That made our tree look just awfull cute. LOL!

12.16.07, 4:06 PM
hell o liz...i want to thank you so much for the xmas card.my computer crashed 2 wks ago and i lost everything..one swipe of my grandsons finger and address pictures etc were gone. so there are addresses of many that i dont have anymore,but i deeply appreciate that you didnt forget me...thanks again..and merry xmas to you and yours...and to all here also.
wow france...to live...you know i took four years of french in high school..and still can remember a few en francais words..not many though..how great is that to live in france..one of my grandfathers came from italy to this country,but he did have a brother that ended up in france..but unfortunately no one ever heard from him...with the war and all..people lost contact...well good luck to you and your family..i will have to make sure that i come back just to read your posts on living in france...and here i am in well you know where i am.LOL..its not france..LOL..i too am green with envy...god bless take care..hugs dagored aka mindy :)

12.18.07, 11:58 AM
Hi Liz; Wow, what great plans. I have never been to Europe but hope to after hubby retires and France is definitely one of the places I would love to see. I'm glad you were able to get your Grandad settled in a place and that everyone is comfortable with it. He is probably a lot happier as well. Will you be able to keep posting in France?? I certainly hope so.

By the way, I wanted to thank you as well for the lovely Christmas card and best of the season to you and your family as well. My computer hard drive has crashed twice since last Christmas and I don't have my list of addresses anymore.

Take care and talk soon.

12.18.07, 7:42 PM
Thankyou for the card Liz, and a Merry Christmas to you too. It will be really great for you to get your new life in France started. I bet you are really excited.

We are rather looking forward to Christmas this year. Daughter is bringing the Grands over for the evening. Opening packages, eating pizza and playing board games, all to the backdrop of Christmas music and LOTS of candy and such. LOL!

I hope to be better about posting next year. Maybe I should make that my New Years resolution. That would probably jinx it.

You guys all have a great Christmas!