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11.23.07, 2:29 PM
I was so excited to see Belle and Shawn's wedding today. But then the show started and everything was ruined. The worst part was that Bo, Grandpa Shawn, Caroline, Uncle Mickey and later Kayla were not there. No way would Bo miss his beloved son's wedding. I felt like crying. To make up such a ridiculous reason insulted every viewer out there. The wedding gown was so tacky I was astonished. It had to be the fastest wedding in history. Then to add insult to injury, they have Marlena run over to Stefano's house instead of going to her own daughter's reception. Also, why didn't Stephanie just bring her friend to the wedding? This made no sense at all. I have watched the show for over 30 years and this was the biggest slap in the face to the viewers I have ever seen. I expect I will be writing to the producer to complain about this travesty.

11.23.07, 4:20 PM
I could not disagree more. Tho it was a cheesy way to explain the absence of characters this wedding was not one worth the wait. It in no way compares to Bo and Hope's or Steve and Kayla's. In fact John and Marlena's in Italy was more important than watching Shawn unknowingly marry a woman who is not faithful to him. The reason I don't miss any of the missing characters is because this wedding was stupid. This was not the wedding of a supercouple and did not deserve the time or budget spent on it. I agree the gown wasn't right at all. Marlena going to see Stephano didn't make a whole lot of sense to me either. Stephanie wasn't ready to see Max and Cordy wasn't ready to go to a wedding. I have watched this show with a few breaks since before Roman camped at Marlena's the very first time and todays wedding was not important at all.

I do have to say that Doug's speech was great with the culmination of Lumi dancing together.

11.23.07, 6:24 PM
[quote=SarahBeth;8464]I and todays wedding was not important at all.

But yes it was important. It united a couple who have been in love for many years and who are the children of the top main characters Bo and Hope and Marlena and John. Belle spent many years waiting and pining away for Shawn. She left everyone and ran away with him earlier this year. Just because she is suddenly confused because Philip seems to know how to get to her, doesn't mean it wasn't important. It should have been done properly with a church wedding and a gorgeous reception at Chez Rouge. Bo not being there was totally ridiculous.

11.23.07, 8:27 PM
To add my two cents, I wasn't excited that Belle and Shawn got married ( due to recent events) and todays wedding pretty much reflected that. I wasn't bothered by Belles dress or the fact that the wedding was held at Bo & Hopes, but the fact that Belle just a day before or hours before almost made love to Phillip again bothers me. When she interrupted and said " I can't do this" I was saying to myself, thank God. I do like Belle and Shawn and want them as a couple but without all of these obstacles. To me it's unnecessary. Like everyone said earlier, Bo not being there was pointless. I think the writters purposely ommited characters to make us even more miserable. What could have been a much needed spectacular event was more than boring and wilted.

This is more like November swept under the rug. Forgettable.

Why did they change the actress who plays Cordy?? Whoever it was today is new. Also, Ford didn't know Cordy was with Stephanie. When he was banging at the door he shouted " if you tell anyone about our night together" ect.. ect..). Cordy heard that yet didn't ask Stephanie about it? Or did I miss something?

11.26.07, 7:00 PM
The whole mess has me upset. I keep turning it on praying some old glimmer of Days hope will be there just to be smacked into reality that our Days is probably over and all the bull they have done has ruined it. I don't think it could be fixed. Belle sleeping with the very man who took her child, deemed her an unfit mother, threatened her man who she says she loves and then this crap??? Bo not making it to his own sons wedding because why???? No good reason. Their wedding being held in Bo and Hope's house. Ummm I KNOW that little miss perfect Belle (to think she used to be my favorite female on this show) has the money to throw a wedding in a damn church and a fantastic reception besides the damn pub. And then there is Marlena running off to do absolutely NOTHING more important than her daughters wedding reception. NOTHING was accomplished by her going to Stefano's house. There was no point. Where was Roman? Where was Kayla??? I just don't get it. There was no point. I am so upset over this whole show I want to tune out. Please fix my Sami and Lucas, send Philip packing and get Belle and Shawn where they BELONG, fix Marlena and John, fix all this mess or there will be many a lost fans that have been there for years.

11.26.07, 11:04 PM
send Philip packing

You know, they are bringing Chloe back and she's single. Maybe she will get Philip away from Belle.

11.27.07, 12:29 PM
I just saw the old-Cordy on an epi of CSI:NY (pretty sure that was the show)

11.27.07, 12:55 PM
The wedding stunk, imo. :( I can't believe the way the show is going either. Belle had been in love with Shawn forever. A huge disappointment for Shelle fans out there who anxiously waited this event and for them to finally be together. I'm not liking Belle much anymore for what she did. I have no sympathy for her if Shawn finds out and she loses him for good. The only thing I liked was the reception and the speech made with the song playing. :upsideq:

11.27.07, 2:19 PM
You know, they are bringing Chloe back and she's single. Maybe she will get Philip away from Belle.
I thought she was with Brady

11.27.07, 6:21 PM
I thought she was with Brady

Yeah, she was, but not anymore! She'll be back on the show on Thursday.

11.27.07, 10:46 PM
I can't really recall any wedding that hasn't been "ruined".
Every one for years and years now has had some intruder, someone shot or sick or missing.

Greys and Days
11.29.07, 1:30 PM
Chloe is single? I didn't know that, I thought her and Brady were married?

11.30.07, 12:22 PM
They are!! But of course DAYS will have some breakup between the two off screen. I'll just have to wait and see since Chloe just came back and hasn't had a chance to explain where Brady is. Or maybe they are still together and Brady wasn't ready to come back just yet to face the fact that his father isn't here anymore. Hmmm...

11.30.07, 4:12 PM
I read from a reliable source that Chloe is SINGLE now. Let me see if I can find that link again.

11.30.07, 9:46 PM
Yeah she said today they got divorced but did not let Marlena know because of John's death. I hope Philip and her hook up and she stays or takes his ass with her. She looks amazing by the way

12.15.07, 2:49 PM
I loved the wedding. (Bo wasn't there because Peter seemed to think it was more important to be at his daughters birth). It was everything I thought a Shelle wedding should be. :p
OTOH, I prefer Phelle.