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11.22.07, 8:27 PM
Soapdom's Sneak Peeks for Week of 11/26

As usual, the scenarios are as crazy as ever in Harmony and as such, no one in this tiny community is safe! First, Alistair taunts Sheridan about Marty. However, the young woman will learn she has even more to cry about upon learning soul mate Luis has been kidnapped, along with Pretty, by her own father!

As the tock clicks away, Ethan, Theresa and Gwen pray and hope that some good news comes their way and baby Jonathan is given a chance at life. With tensions running high already, Pilar is shocked that Gwen might allow her own son to die. Such an outrageous decision can only be chalked up to the hysteria of the situation, causing many to believe that Gwen does not mean what she says. The good news is that viewers wonít have to find out if Gwen would actually keep her word when Theresa allows Jane to be Jonathanís donor. Will the child finally begin to move toward the road of recovery?

Her eyes, her eyes, her eyes! Paloma nearly causes herself to suffer from a coronary when she catches Noah and Fancy in bed together! Will therapy be enough to stave off biting flashbacks? Big stories and even bigger consequences surround Passionsí denizens this week, so be sure to digest the nougat of every story arc or else you will find yourself in more danger than Pretty and Luis!