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11.21.07, 3:41 AM
Daytime Dial Spoilers for Week of 11/26

Monday, November 26
* Pilar is shocked that Gwen might allow her own son to die.
* Luis is kidnapped.
* Alistair taunts Sheridan about Marty.

Tuesday, November 27
* Ethan, Theresa and Gwen await news of a donor for Jonathan.
* Alistair holds Luis and Pretty hostage.
* Paloma catches Noah and Fancy in bed together!

Wednesday, November 28
* Theresa allows Jane to be Jonathan's donor.
* Pretty seduces an unconscious Luis.
* Tabitha's magic destroys Noah and Paloma's relationship.

Thursday, November 29
* Luis comforts an emotional Pretty.
* Wounded Spike believes Sheridan was behind his attack.
* Valerie threatens Eve's children to keep her quiet.