View Full Version : American Gangster

11.20.07, 11:18 AM
Before I saw this movie I watched the interview Matt Lauer did with both Denzel Washington & Russell Crowe. I got a bit of back story during that interview as well as commentary from the real life people. Denzels' objective was not to glorify Mr. Lucas in anyway. This story is not only interesting and violent in it's nature, on top of it being a true story, the perfomances from these stars are incredible. I never expected the outcome of the movie and for those who see it or have seen it, may know what I mean. I don't want to spoil it for those who have not.

2.21.08, 10:41 AM
Because I never watch movies until they come out on DVD, I just saw this flick.
Not bad, for what I consider a "guy" movie.
Interesting to me because it was a true story.
Amazing that Lucas, at one point, was making a million dollars a day selling heroin in Harlem.
Denzel was very good.
I'm not a big Russel Crowe fan, so I would have preferred another actor in his role.