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11.17.07, 5:09 PM
Question: Tabby, I have to say that I really don't like you when you are being this evil. I want the FUN evil Tabby back - the one with a heart under all of her naughtiness. I hope Endora gets home soon and straightens you out - or undoes a bunch of your bad behavior. But, on to the question that I have for you: will Theresa be physically harmed by the person after Pilar? Because if anything happens to my favorite girl I don't think I could continue to watch the show anymore. We Theresa fans just want to make sure Theresa won't be physically harmed by yet another of Gwen's plots that Ethan is, once again, totally clueless to. SO please look into your magic bowl and tell us if Theresa will be harmed? Thanks, Chatter

Tabby: Oh sure, pick on me for being evil, but what has "your favorite girl" done lately? Need I remind you that she just attempted to murder Gwen? And how do I even begin to recount all of the not-so-angelic things she's done in the past? Still, she manages to dodge the Mexican bullets for the next few weeks. However, on Thursday, December 13, someone close to Pilar is not so lucky.

Question: Dear Tabby, I was wondering about Fancy and Noah, are they going to get back together? Is Fancy finally going to dump Luis? He's such a moron. He should've just told Fancy the truth. Is my favorite couple soon going to be back in action? I hope so. I hope you get your daughter back soon. No child belongs without their mother! Thank-you -Brittany

Tabby: A little bird told me - scratch that, a big, chubby bird that goes "Gobble gobble" told me - that you might be in luck. While your own gobbler is roasting in the oven next Thursday, November 22, make sure you watch what happens with the heiress and the bartender when they come to my house for the holiday!

Question: Dear Tabby, The infamous blackmailer was obsessed with Ethan. Ever since Vincent was discovered to be the blackmailer, he has loss interest in Ethan. Will he show an interest in Ethan again? Curious Morris

Tabby: Perhaps falling over that cliff knocked a little sense into Vincent or perhaps he's just got his hands full. Pregnancy will do that!

Question: I heard through the grapevine that you won't be having a great Thanksgiving. Well, who is really? Luis and Fancy are not together, thanks to YOU. Paloma and Noah, I hear won't be together, thanks to YOU. I am about ready to throw in the towel. The mere fact of what you have done to Lancy and from what I hear about you causing Fancy and Noah to be in bed together gives me enough reason to pelt some tomatoes at my screen and hurl. We Lancy fans are hoping for the best Christmas present for Lancy. For Lancy to learn with great joy and celebration of their love that Fancy is going to have Luis's Baby. I think Endora would love that news on her return home - that her sister, Fancy, and Luis are expecting their first child together. Endora would be thrilled to learn she will be an aunt. So PLEASE answer the question. Will Lancy fans get their wish? Or should we just be ready to throw in that towel? Because we know despite what you have done to Lancy, that deep down, you really like them and hopefully when Endora returns, the light and goodness will shine in you once again.

Tabby: What a lovely thought...Auntie Endora...My, they do grow up fast, don't they? She would be a wonderful aunt, and if Alistair gets his way, that could happen. But will it be a Lancy baby? Or could it be another blonde mommy? Tune in Tuesday, November 27 and find out.

Question: As a Shuis Fan, I am very disappointed to what has happened to one of the show's most popular couples. I - and thousands of others - miss the magic that Sheridan and Luis brought on screen, and without that magic we don't feel we have a reason to watch anymore. What's there to watch? Lancy? I don't think so! My question is: Can you give us any hope that things are going to be getting good for Shuis? And I mean really good not just spells! - Daniel

Tabby: What's that old phrase? You can please some of the people some of the time or all of the people none of the time or none of the people all of the time? Never mind - I am NOT in the business of pleasing mortals. That said, you and your fellow Shuisians will have a very Merry Christmas.