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11.16.07, 3:20 AM
Daily Spoilers for Week of 11/26

Monday, November 26
Pilar is shocked that Gwen might allow her own son to die; Luis is kidnapped; Alistair taunts Sheridan about Marty.

Tuesday, November 27
Ethan, Theresa and Gwen await news of a donor for Jonathan; Alistair holds Luis and Pretty hostage; Paloma catches Noah and Fancy in bed together!

Wednesday, November 28
Theresa allows Jane to be Jonathan's donor; Pretty seduces an unconscious Luis; Tabitha's magic destroys Noah and Paloma's relationship.

Thursday, November 29
Luis comforts an emotional Pretty; Wounded Spike believes Sheridan was behind his attack; Valerie threatens Eve's children to keep her quiet.

11.16.07, 4:35 AM
What the heck is going on w/this soap?? Pretty seduces Luis. Just sick!!! I haven't watched since NBC, but this is just weird. Noah & Paloma destroyed by Tabby. Did Endora ever come back?? I'm glad I'm not watching.

11.16.07, 12:27 PM
Hi Nat! No, Endora hasn't come back yet, but I think she and Miguel might be home for Christmas since the new Miguel will first air on Christmas Eve. They will be the Christmas miracle this year.....or at least one of them. Pretty tries to seduce an unconscious Luis, at that. LOL! She is probably trying to get back at Fancy but I think she will end up falling in love with Luis. All of the Crane women are in love with Luis, not to mention Precious. LOL!

11.17.07, 4:28 AM
OMG...Pretty falling for Luis....I sure hope not...I'm sick of everyone being w/Luis except Sheridan.

11.17.07, 2:27 PM
Me, too, Nat. Everyone is in love with Luis but he is not in love with all of them thank goodness.

11.21.07, 4:01 AM
Funny how when a woman initiates sex with an unconscious man, it's a "seduction", but if a man does so with a woman, it is rightly considered a "rape"...

11.21.07, 2:19 PM
Yes, it certainly is. I consider it a rape if Pretty does go through with it.

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