View Full Version : A Man's POV on what NOT to wear

5.14.07, 4:36 PM
I read this article (http://www.savvymiss.com/beauty-fashion/fashion/fashion-archive/article/what-men-think-of-your-fashions-199.html) on a website and it was written by a guy giving advice to us girls on what we shouldn't wear. And seriously- most of the things he listed as guys not liking, I LOVE to wear! Such as oversized sunglasses, jeans tucked into boots, etc. I think these trends are so cute, but do guys really hate them as much as this guy is saying?

5.15.07, 9:44 AM
Not a chance! I mean, I'm sure some guys might giggle behind our backs at some of the sillier fashion trends but in the end, I think the majority of men don't care what we're wearing but more so how we're feeling. And I'm not saying they're in touch with our emotions (ha!) but most of the guys I know react positively when we, the ladies, dress the way we want and feel excellent in what we're wearing. As long as we're happy and confident, then that's what is really attractive, whether they realize it or not. LOL.

That's just my opinion though. In the end, who knows what they're really thinking. :D