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11.13.07, 7:25 PM
No offense to any Jimmy Johnson fans but the races are getting really boring because it seems to be a one man show. I don't want to give up on my Nascar but I hope the other teams can do something in the off season to make themselves more competitive or I think Nascar is going to end up losing a lot of viewers and maybe even fans. I am not saying even that I want my Ryan Newman to win all the time I would just like to see a different face in the winner's circle. Does anyone agree with me?

11.13.07, 11:04 PM
Yeah I have not watched in a long time. Just don't care to see it

11.27.07, 3:27 AM
I totally understand what you're saying! I wouldn't have believed that they could dull my love of Nascar but they've managed. Not just the one man show, although that did get really old! But the chase, so many races on cable channels and the push to make all the cars equal. It has made it all ho hum for me. I can't put into words how much I detest the chase format. It has totally ruined Nascar for me. I kept hoping they'd get rid of it but it's obvious they won't. Then the networks total disrespect for Nascar and the fans. Why did they even want to broadcast Nascar when they obviously don't take it or us seriously? The entire summer the races were on cable, we didn't see a single race for months! We can't afford cable just to watch Nascar, we tried for years to do it but we just can't do it anymore, so we go months at a time with no races. Then when ABC did bring it back onto network tv there were fires here and they moved it to ESPN to cover the fires. I might not have minded so much except that this past weekend there were much bigger fires and much more damage and yet they interupted the coverage of the fires to show the football game. It just proves to me that they don't care about Nascar fans.
Well, sorry to get carried away with my rant. I'm so disappointed and disgusted. I wish I could hope that Sprint would do better, but I just can't get my hopes up. My only hope is that Jr. will do better in a Hendricks ride.
BTW, I think you can tell, but my angry face emoticon is because I am SOOO angry with Nascar and the networks! Not anyone here. teehee.

11.27.07, 9:39 PM
Yeah I hope Jr does really well next season (even though I hate having to see that little shit Khane with his car). I HATE Jr's new teamates and will not even attempt to cheer for them. Oh it needs to get better next year. What a dissapointment