View Full Version : Day One After Being Told I Won’t Have Work in Four Weeks

8.21.13, 1:11 PM
I work in theater. In case you didn’t know, plays & musicals come and go like the wind (unless you have the ridiculous luck of working on something like The Lion King or Mamma Mia). I’ve been working on my first ever hit show for the last year and almost a half, and yesterday we [...]

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8.22.13, 4:33 PM
Gosh, that stinks! I wish you luck in finding another show or work of some kind that will use your skills. I have a daughter with a Masters Degree and she has not been able to find steady work in years, she survives by working a series of part-time jobs...I'm always worried for her. I guess I will use the cliché "Take it one day at a time"...