View Full Version : I hope TPTB penned a wonderful 1st b-day for Ciara...

11.12.07, 9:13 AM
Before the writers went on strike (if they even did).

If not, I will be SUPER-PO'd!

And not only will it be Ciara's 1st birthday, I believe it will be Hope's birthday too! Which makes it all the more special!

**Funny isn't it? Not only do mother and daughter share 'Alice' for a middle name, they also share a birthday...LOL**

I would LOVE for Zack to be remembered and Bo & Hope tell their daughter that she has a special little guardian angel watching over her and protecting her.

I would also love for Addie to be thought of as well - maybe Hope could out of the blue ask Julie what their mother was really like (flashbacks in the form of classic clips from that time would be nice - and I don't mean made up ones) and it would be AWESOME for Alice to join in! Generations of Horton women remembering the one who can't be there and seeing as how now that Hope finally has her own daughter would make it especially touching.

And perhaps I'm pushing it but maybe throw in some scenes of how Ciara will be like as she grows (kinda like Lucas dreaming of how his twins will turn out) since Days will most likely not make it past 2009.

Have Bo and Hope each have their own little day dreams of how Ciara might turn out *Bo day dreams of daddy's little Princess and having to chase off every/any boy who isn't good enough for his little girl - LOL! And finally understanding how Doug felt about him at first and what he (Bo) put him (Doug) through* and have them both come together as one day dream of a happy family.

Then to top it off - Alice presenting her great grand-daughter with her very own Horton Christmas ornament and Bo & Hope both hang their daughter's ornament on the tree together next to Zack and Addie's ornaments. And all 3 of them (Bo, Hope and Ciara) share a beautiful little somber moment together.

So Ciara's 1st birthday could be a day of celebration and rememberance as both the Bradys and the Hortons come to realize how special Ciara is and what a blessing she is.

I know I'm reaching but, I can dream, can't I? LOL

11.12.07, 10:59 AM
That sounds wonderful, however it would require that this child a NON Sami EJ child exists. Do love all of your ideas, hope we get a Christmas ornament show, doubtful with the current staff as they know history so well......