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11.9.07, 4:07 PM
Lynda Hirsch Spoilers for Week of 11/12

PASSIONS: Rebecca calls and sends emails to Mexico to stop the slaughter of the Lopez-Fitzgerald family. The threat to Pilar and her family grows, as the menacing white-haired woman continues to make calls demanding that Pilar be found and killed. Sheridan and Luis are shocked by a phone call from someone who says he can tell them where Marty is. Luis is very suspicious of the call, but a frantic Sheridan is driven to get her son back. She chooses to believe whatever the caller says and is willing to pay any price. Eve still refuses to believe Vincent is dead and warns Julian that he's next on their son's list. Theresa is guilt-stricken when the anti-love potion she slips Gwen turns out to be poison. As Gwen fights for her life against the effects of the poison, Ethan is rocked by Theresa's confession that she is behind Gwen's poisoning. Ethan is torn between his love for Theresa and his fear for the life of the mother of his son, but he stands by Theresa. At the Blue Note, a drunken Esme and Julian grow closer.

SNEAK PEEK: Vincent reveals all his secrets.