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5.20.13, 7:14 PM
I thought there were going to be new episodes Mon thru Thurs. Now I see a notice that new episodes will be available Tues and Thursdays.

This is becoming more disappointing.

5.20.13, 11:09 PM
Oh no, I hope this doesn't mean it's not going well.

5.26.13, 12:01 PM
I don't watch AMC.. I wonder if they are only getting 2 episodes a week, too.

5.26.13, 8:10 PM
This is what Melissa Archer said about this on Facebook:

I know some of you are worried or concerned about the recently announced changes coming to our show. First, rest assured, we have remained in Hulu & iTunes top ten since we've launched. Our ratings are amazing. This new change is not not a bad thing. I know some of you won't like it, but I think it is smart. I think that now because you can watch anytime, & because our show is going at a faster pace than traditional soaps so you can't miss a couple of days & be fine, airing 2 days a week instead of four will help people stay caught up & not become overwhelmed with how much they have to watch & then stop watching. It's happened to me with shows, & imagine a few of you have experienced it. In order to ensure longevity of this show, it has to be more mainstream...similar to prime time. I feel we are heading very much in that direction, & I support the changes that need to be made. This is not a desperate move, it is a smart move. Not to mention there could be more changes in the future. This is a discovery process. I for one, can't wait to keep discovering. Being a part of the future in my industry...that makes me proud.

5.29.13, 9:27 AM
Things I like :
Seeing some old fav's
Fast paced
watch anytime
Things I don't like :
nightclub noise
steamy scenes are gross.. not romantic
Matthew and Dani's personality change