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11.8.07, 6:18 PM
From the new SOD, SOW.11/20/07

Posted by crissydoll at CR old boards on 11/8/2007:

Passions: Theresa poisons Gwen. Tabitha, desperate to get Endora back from the dark side, enlists Theresa's aide to get to Gwen. "Tabitha needs to come up with a way to be incognito in the hospital," explains Juliet Mills. "So she's in full diguise as a fortune teller and she remembers how gullible Theresa was all those years ago, believed everything. This time, she's going to try to persuade Theresa to pour an "anti-love" potion into Gwen's tea." Unbeknownst to Theresa, the potion is actually poison--not a mixture to end Gwen's love for Ethan. After consuimg the tainted liquor, Gwen gets "deathly ill". She nearly dies, in fact. Tabitha is just thrilled thinking it has all worked. However, the doctors have managed to sace Gwen. Hopefully, theresa will be able to wiggle out of trouble. She confesses to Ethan that she's repsonsible for Gwen's condition, then goes on to tell Sam about the fortune-teller's potion. The men brush off theresa, thinking that Gwen most likely had a bad reaction to something she ate. A doctor informs them that the bottle they found and Gwen's cup tested positive for poison--and the assailant's fingerprints are on the bottle, just what the witch wanted. Tabitha's plot is meant to indict Theresa, as well as hurt Gwen.

VCR Alerts:
1/19-Vincent, posing as Valerie, goes to Eve for a medical exam.
11/20-Noah and Fancy kiss. Luis must decide if he will sacrifice himself to save Marty.

Sneak Peeks (week of 11/12)
Tbitha makes Theresa an interesting offer.
Gwen is horrified by Rebecca's actions.
A mysterious caller has information for Sheridan and Luis.
Spike and Esme grow closer.

11/14-Gwen fights for her life.

Week of 11/19
Noah and Fancy kiss.
Pilar's secret is finally revealed.
Gwen makes a shocking statement to Theresa.
Eve discovers Vincent is pregnant.